How to Cook Xiao Long Bao from Frozen

The comforting aroma and flavor of well-prepared Xiao Long Bao is unparalleled. In current times, this snack has gained such immense popularity that it can be found globally. They come in several forms, such as boiled, pan-fried, and deep-fried. Should you have purchased some frozen Xiao Long Bao and chosen to cook them yourself, continuing to read this article is highly recommended.

Below, we will let you know how to cook Xiao Long Bao from frozen in three different ways. We will make the entire cooking session easier for you with step-by-step guides. At first, let see how you can steam cook the Xiao Long Bao.

Steaming the Xiao Long Bao: The Most Popular Way

Steaming the Xiao Long Bao is the traditional and healthiest way of cooking this snack. The method is pretty easy as it only consists of steaming. Here is how to steam cook the Xiao Long Bao:

Step-1: Add Xiao Long Bao to Steamer

Select a steamer and a pot of the same size where you will boil the water. Now add a food-safe liner on the steamer. Then Add the Xiao Long Bao to the steamer one by one. Make sure to put them separately to prevent sticking.

Step-2: Boil Some Water

Now add water to the pot and fill two-third of it with water. Turn on the stove and put it on high heat and then put the pot on the stove. Wait a while for the water to start boiling. Now you can put the steamer with Xiao Long Bao on the pot. Make sure to set it properly so that all the Xiao Long Bao can get adequate steam.

Step-3: Let the Xiao Long Bao Cook

Now put the stove at medium heat and wait around 10 minutes for the Xiao Long Bao to cook. In the meantime, you can prepare the dumpling sauce. After 10 minutes, take out one Xiao Long Bao and try it out. If it’s cooked perfectly, you can take the others out and enjoy it. The steamed Xiao Long Bao will taste better when eaten warm.

Boiling the Xiao Long Bao: The Easiest Way

Boiling the Xiao Long Bao is one of the easiest ways to cook them although the procedure is a bit lengthy. Here are the steps to cook the Xiao Long Bao through boiling:

Step-1: Thaw the Xiao Long Bao

If the Xiao Long Bao is in the freezer, take them out 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. This will help the dumpling to be partially thawed to prevent becoming mushy when cooked.

Step-2: Boil Some Water

Take a large pot and fill its two-third with water. Turn on your stove and put it on high heat and then put the pot on the stove. Once the water starts boiling, add the Xiao Long Bao one by one to the pot. Make sure to stir quickly and separately to avoid sticking on each other.

Step-3: Add Cold Water

Add one and half cups of cold water right after adding the Xiao Long Bao. After doing so, the water will stop boiling. You will require waiting for a while again for the water to boil again. The dough and filling of your dumpling require a different amount of time to cook. You can slow down the cooking procedure by adding cold water.

Step-4: Pour More Water

Once the water starts boiling again, you will need to add some more cold water (around one and a half cups). Wait a while for the water to boil and check if the Xiao Long Bao is cooked properly. They should start floating once they have cooked perfectly. You can take them off after that.

Steam-Frying Xiao Long Bao: For These Who Love It Crispy

Steam frying the Xiao Long Bao is a convenient way to cook them. If you prefer crispy Xiao Long Bao, this method is for you. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step-1: Pan Fry the Xiao Long Bao

Begin with adding one or two tablespoons of cooking oil in a non-stick skillet. Put the stove on low heat and wait for the oil to become hot and then add the dumpling one by one. Add them in a single layer to avoid sticking and swirl the pan for a few minutes on the stove. Once the bottom of the dumpling becomes deep brown.

Step-2: Add Some Water

Now put the stove at medium-high and add some water to cover the Xiao Long Bao around one by a third to half. After that, put a lid on the skillet and wait for the dumpling to cook. They should require around 6 to 10 minutes to cook. You can take one Xiao Long Bao out after a while to check if it’s cooked properly by cutting in half and tasting it.

Step-3: Remove the Lid and Evaporate

Now remove the lid to help the remaining water evaporate. It’s important to evaporate the water to make the Xiao Long Bao crispy again. You can swirl the pan to accelerate the evaporating and make the dumplings crispier. Take them out when you are done and enjoy!

Another easy way to cook the Xiao Long Bao is to put them in the microwave first for a few seconds and then fry on a pan. It is the fastest way to prefer your Xiao Long Bao. Note that you will not require adding water and evaporating in this method. Simply fry the dumpling for once and they will be ready to eat after that.


The Xiao Long Bao is one of the best single-bit snacks you should try if you aren’t already tried it. You can buy the frozen Xiao Long Bao from the store and cook them following the methods mentioned in the article. If you are cooking them for the first time, we will recommend you the first method or steam cooking as it will offer you the authentic and traditional taste of the cuisine. We bet you will like it.



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