How To Air Fry Brats

Bratwurst or brat is something healthy and delicious that we all love. There are several ways to prepare brats. However, if you want to prepare the brats quickly while also ensuring an even and consistent cooking, the air fryer technique will be the best option for you. The air fryer cooks them from every angle, ensuring you an even and well-cooked outcome. Below we will let you know how to air fry brats.

The only thing you will need for this recipe is a pack of frozen brats. They are available from a variety of brands currently. You will find the step by step guide for preparing the brats in the air fryer. Along with that, we will tell you the cooking time, temperature and other important information about the recipe.

How You Can Air Fry Brats

Even if you are a fan of grilled brats, you will be impressed with the outcome of the air-fried brats. They are unbelievably easy and quick while the taste is just mind-blowing. As they are available pre-seasoned, you don’t also require much preparation. Now let’s see how you can air fry the brats.

Step 1: Preheat the Air Fryer

Put your air fryer on a suitable and heat-resistant surface. It should be away from the wall or any other blockage that can block the airflow. Now connect the air fryer to a compatible electric outlet. The device should light up once you do so. Now press the preheat button from the preset section to preheat the device.

If there is no preheating option in the air fryer, you will require selecting the temperature and time for preheating manually. The preheating temperature will be 350 F while the time will be around two to three minutes.

Step 2: Add the Brats in the Air Fryer

The next thing you need to do is to add the brats to the air fryer. Take them out from the freezer and thaw them to bring them the room temperature. Note thawing is optional and you can proceed without it. If you are going to thaw the brats, you will require preheating the device when they are ready.

Now take the air fryer basket out and add the brats in the air fryer. Simply add the brats in a single layer to get an even coating. Don’t overfill the brats by adding multiple layers of the ingredient as it will cause uneven cooking by blocking the air circulation.

If you require cooking a lot of brats at once, you will need to cook them in smaller batches. This is going to be time-consuming. To cook a lot of them at once, you will require an air fryer racks that allows you to stack the food inside the machine.

Step 3: Set the Time and Temp

Now you will need to select the right temperature and cooking time for the brats. The brats usually require around 12 minutes to cook in the air fryer. However, it can vary a bit depending on the brats, your machine, and other factors. Use the air fryer’s specific buttons to select the preferred time and temp. Then begin the cooking by pressing start.

Note that it will require around 17 minutes if you are cooking frozen brats that are not thawed. You will require flipping during the halftime at 8/9th minutes.  Begin checking from the 15th  minute as some variants take less time to cook.

Step 4: Complete the Cooking

Make sure to flip the brats during halftime to assure better cooking. Start checking the brats once they have cooked for around 10 minutes. This will help you to guess how long more it will take for cooking so that you can take them out at the right time. The inside temperature of the brats needs to be around 152 to 160 F when they are done.

Remove the brats when they are done. Carefully remove the air fryer basket by holding it from the handle and put it on a heat-resistant surface. Don’t touch the food or the air fryer basket instantly as they will be very hot. You can remove them with tongs from the basket and then put them inside buns or serves as you want.

Air Fryer Brats Tips

Here are some tips that you will find useful while preparing the brats on the air fryer:

  1. As we know brats are a high-fat content food, it can produce white smoke while cooking. Make sure to clean the bottom tray/ drip pan to remove the previous mess for preventing the smokes.
  2. You can also wrap the brats with foil to preserve the flavor better and prevent smokes. Make sure to make some holes in the foils to assure better cooking.
  3. If possible, leave some space between the brats to get an even and consistent cooking. As we said earlier, don’t overfill the basket and don’t put them in multiple layers.
  4. Thawing the brats and bringing them to room temperature will assure a better and even cooking. Although the step is optional, we will recommend you consider it if you have adequate time.

Which Toppings Goes Well with Brats?

Well, there are a lot of toppings that you can add to the brats. Such as the mustard and sauerkraut, sauteed peppers and onions, coleslaw, etc. Some of you may prefer ketchup, shredded cheese, cheese sauce with fried pickles, buffalo sauce with blue cheese, and much more. You actually got a lot of options when it comes to brat toppings. You can even prepare your own by mixing several ingredients.


If you didn’t yet try the air-fried brats, then you really should try it. We can pretty much assure you that this air fryer recipe will become your favorite. The air-fried brats are also healthy and they go well with your keto or paleo diet. We hope you will be able to prepare absolutely delicious brats by following the above recipe.

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