How To Use A Smoker Box Charcoal Grill

Using A Smoker Box Charcoal Grill

How To Use A Smoker Box Charcoal Grill? A charcoal grill isn’t going away anytime soon, whether it’s for the unrivaled smoky flavors or the gorgeous char markings on stakes.

One problem that some people have about them is how difficult it is to start a fire on them. Even if you do manage to light it, it does not want to stay lighted.

As a result, we’ll look at how to keep the grill lit in this post. We’ll also look at the best methods for lighting a charcoal grill. As an extra bonus, you will receive our expert advice on how to enjoy the best BBQ experience possible!

How To Use Fire Starters To Light A Charcoal BBQ

The most basic method for lighting a charcoal barbecue is to use fire starters. It takes around 40 minutes to completely heat. This is how it’s done.

Make Use of Enough Briquettes To Keep A Charcoal Grill Going

Most people use too little charcoal, causing the fire to die prematurely. Use a sufficient number of briquettes to avoid this from happening. Read the instructions on the back of your charcoal packet to determine how much you’ll need for a given amount of grilling time.

How To Set A Smoker Box On A Charcoal Grill

The charcoal grill is fantastic, but adding smokey tastes to your cuisine with this incredible magical smoker box is much better. Let’s have a look at it more closely!

A smoker box is a stainless steel box with openings on each face to allow smoke to escape. You can also use this barbecue accessory to hold wood chips inside for a flaky flavor that will knock your socks off!

We’d think that putting it on the grill is rather straightforward, especially if you’ve fashioned it out of a charcoal set-up. Follow our example:

  • Place your empty smokebox on the higher grate and heat it with the BBQ for a few minutes.
  • Carefully remove the lid off the box using the tongs.
  • Toss in some wood chips. Make sure the chips are distributed equally across the bottom of the box.

Note that certain wood chips will need to be somewhat pre-soaked before being inserted. So, don’t forget to read the product instructions thoroughly.

  • Close the BBQ lid for a while to allow the woods to catch fire.
  • If the woods catch fire, use the tongs to re-cover the box’s lid. The chips should then start to smoke.
  • Finally, place your meal close to the smokebox inside the barbeque grill. And that’s all there is to it! Isn’t it as easy as that?

How to Light A Smoker Box Charcoal Grill

The most common approach to light a charcoal grill is with lighter fluid. This treatment, which is popular among all fathers throughout the world, might be dangerous if you are not careful.

Lighter fluid glows erratically. As a result, understanding the most effective way to accomplish things may be challenging. We strongly advise you to follow these simple measures.

  • To begin, sort your charcoal and stack it in a pyramid shape. As a consequence, it should work its way down from larger to smaller ones.
  • Drizzle the combustible liquid in a uniform coating over all of the coals. To decide how much to use, carefully read the instructions on the container.
  • A light, uniform coating is necessary on average, but not excessively so. Pour the liquid gradually rather than all at once.
  • Allow the coals 30 seconds to absorb the liquid. Then I set it ablaze with a matchstick.
  • Use a grill lighter to ignite the coals in different spots. After the coals are blazing, do not add any more liquid.
  • It may take a few minutes for the coals to catch fire. However, after they’ve done so, you may spread them evenly with a stick and start cooking.

How To Keep A A Smoker Box Charcoal Grill Working

If you’re having difficulties keeping your grill lit, there’s a chance you’re doing something wrong. Here’s an easy method for keeping your charcoal grill lit and ready to use:

  • Make Use Of Dry Charcoal To Keep A Charcoal Grill Going

This one should go without saying, but your charcoal must be dry. When we store our charcoal in the garage on concrete floors, it becomes soggy and wet on occasion.

When using charcoal, the barbeque may produce an excessive amount of smoke. They might not even be switched on at all. As a result, be certain that your charcoal is absolutely dry.

It’s time to break out your first set of cubes. Use all-natural, chemical-free alternatives. Put them in different corners of the pile. Tuck them inside so the fire can get all the way through.

  • Activate The Vent To Keep A Charcoal Grill Going

Light the fire starting cubes using an automatic fire starter. Then, open the vent on your BBQ grill. This lets the air circulate freely, causing the charcoal to fire up faster.

  • Set The Timer As Follows To Use A Smoker Box Charcoal Grill

Wait 40-45 minutes after setting the timer. The easiest approach is to use firestarters, but this takes more than a half-hour to heat up the grill. So, when it comes to grilling, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead of time.

You can quickly go on to your next task, such as marinating your barbecue or executing other responsibilities. When the timer goes off, your grill will be ready.


Here’s what you should remember if you want to operate with a charcoal barbecue safely. To avoid any unexpected incidents, keep the youngsters at least two meters away from the charcoal barbecue throughout the whole operation.

Second, always use your insulated barbeque mitts when working with the grill and putting food in and out. Finally, You should never use a charcoal barbecue in an air-conditioned room or an area with insufficient ventilation. Carbon monoxide levels might suffocate you over time. Place it in an open area outside at all times.


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