Where To Buy Wood For Grilling

Where To Buy Wood For Grilling

Where To Buy Wood For Grilling? To achieve the best flavor, choosing the right type of cooking wood is vital when grilling food. There are other options besides charcoal. While charcoal is ideal for grilling meat at high temperatures, only wood produces the smoky flavor people crave. For those who are wondering where to buy wood for grilling, we are here to help. 

Size And Shape Of Wood Pellets For Grilling

Wood pellets are small in size and cylindrical in shape. Its length ranges from 10–20 mm with, diameters ranging from 5 to 10 mm produced from fine wood fibers. 

Uses Of Wood Pellets For Grilling

The fundamental use it as fuel, by putting them into the burner. However, it is use in residential houses to burn inside small stoves use for cooking or warming purposes. It can be use to replace charcoal, wooden planks, and oil, in different power-producing industries. It is also use in pet beddings manufacturing industries such as in horse stalls, mouse bed pellets, and litters, etc. to hold up their bodies when resting.

Production Process OF Wood Pellets For Grilling

On a general note, they are use by crushing the wood left or obtain during the process of furniture production, lumbar milling, construction and could also be obtain in the form of sawdust.

The whole procedure of wood pellet production consists of the following steps:

  1. Collection Of Essentials

All the essential materials required for making wood pellets are collect and gather in the pellet mills. The arrival of smaller or larger wooden planks and sawdust is usual.

  1. Wood Cutting And Its Shaping

Then, the wooden pieces are cut into the needed size, once the desire size is obtain, sent to the hammer mill. Here, the wooden pieces are shredded into thin fibers making them ready for their future shaping.

  1. Drying Procedure

After the wood is shred, it undergoes a drying procedure this step is very important. As there is a probability of the presence of wet wood. It became humid due to rain or during its transportation. For drying the woods, large drum-like machines are used that heat the shredded fibers cause the humidity to evaporate. These dryers very much function like your cloth dryers at home. This step is essential to ensure all wood is dry equally so that the end-product lacks any inconsistency whatsoever, keeping the standard of wood pellet production intact.

  1. Shaping Procedure

After passing the wood through drying chambers, it is pass through another chamber in this chamber, very high pressure is provide to the wood shreds that causes them bound together in a desire uniform shape. The chamber in which the shaping takes place contains holes through which the wood shreds are push through causes the wood pallets to achieve their standard cylindrical shape. During this process, shreds are available with constant heat.

The Basics of Smoking Meat

Smoking meat for flavor and preservation has existed since our ancestors explored fire and food. Even though there are several ways to smoke meat, we’ll focus on hot smoking, which is the most common method. You can smoke your meat and cook it simultaneously in a smoker or grill, creating a succulent dish with a smokey flavor.

Nowadays, smoked food is part of many global cultures and culinary traditions. This cooking method can be used to smoke fruits, cheeses, vegetables, and even some types of desserts.

Is Any Wood Suitable For Grilling

Although different woods look the same and burn the same, they generate vastly different results when ignited. It is important to ensure that the wood chunks you use for smoking meat are properly treated, certified to be used in a smoker or grill, and safe to use. 

Picking The Right Smoked Wood Chunks For Grilling

When you’ve selected the perfect recipe, it’s time to choose the wood for the smoker. Make sure you keep these things in mind when you select wood chunks:

  1. Firewood and wood chunks should be purchased from reputable, high-quality distributors.
  2. Keep in mind the type of meat you’re smoking and the taste you want when selecting wood chunks.
  3. It’s best to cook chunks rather than chips, which are too small and burn to ash too quickly, leaving no flavor.
  4. If you can only find kiln-dried smoking chunks, you will ensure your wood is free from fungi, mold, and rot.

The Best Way To Use Wood Chunks For Grilling

When it comes to smoking with wood chunks, here are a few things to know if you’ve got some or can’t wait to have them delivered:

Do Not Soak Your Wood Chunks

It is not a good idea to soak your wood chunks. Soaking will only lower your fire’s temperature and create steam

It Is Vital To Choose the Right Timing 

It is best to add your quality wood chunks just before adding the meat or vegetables. You will get great wood flavor throughout your cooking with good chunks that ignite quickly and burn slowly

Decide What Source Of Heat You Will Use

Charcoal provides flavor in a few chunks, which is why you only need two to three when you’re using it as a heat source. Alternatively, you can use wood chunks as a heat source. Oakwood is commonly used in cooking because of its mild taste, but you can use oak as a base and then add flavor with other woods.

Make My Own Grilling Wood Chunks

There are some types of wood that are unsuitable for smoking chunks. In the wrong hands, you might harvest low-quality smoking chunks that impart an unpleasant taste to your meat. Burning softwoods, for example, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. The same bitter flavor will be infused into your food when smoked.

Hardwoods have a sweeter, more appealing taste that goes well with meat, so most people prefer them over softwoods. It is difficult to use a chainsaw to make precision cuts even if you have access to wood.

You must also dry your wood chunks before you smoke meat with them. If you do not have access to a drying kiln, you will have to air-dry, which takes between six and twelve months. Especially if you have a new recipe you’re eager to try or a big event approaching, that’s too long to wait for most home chefs. It’s also common to worry about rot, insects, and mold if you rely on seasoned cooking wood.


Vendors on the roadside may sell wood smoking chunks near your location but think twice before purchasing. However, until you put the wood to use, you will not be able to judge its quality. It is generally the case that other vendors’ smoking chunks are made from softwood trees, or from rotting hardwoods. Furthermore, they don’t properly dry their wood before selling smoking chunks. Without correct drying, wood smoke chunks will remain moist and take a long time to burn, and don’t produce the same amount of flavorful smoke.


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