Best Air Fryer Cornish Hen Recipe

For the fans of poultry food, a Cornish hen is the smallest among many. It weighs between one or two pounds that make a perfect two persons serving from each hen. The smaller size also helps rapid cooking and you do not need to wait for roasted chicken food. Once cooked, all that you need to do is to separate one down the middle with a cleaver to serve through individual plates.

Besides its taste and health benefits, a Cornish hen served as an individual entree will exceptionally grace your dinner plate. Because of the soft young bones, a Cornish hen can be easily split from the middle if a lesser quantity is required to be served. You can cut it apart before cooking or afterward.

Best Air Fryer Cornish Hen Recipe (Juicy And Tender)

Cornish hen is a Keto-friendly white meat that is not only low Carb and easy to cook but also provides you a gentle chicken taste. It is a complete meal that you can serve as the main course of your dinner table.

There are several recipes you can cook the delicious Cornish hen with. We have come up with an easy-to-cook air fryer Cornish hen recipe that offers you quick crispy cooking for immediate serving.

How to cook the best air fryer Cornish hen

As compared to the oven-roasting, an air fryer is a quicker way to have your favorite Cornish hen on the dinner table. In addition to the hassle-free cooking with an air fryer, the recipe we have chosen for you involves almost no effort.

If you do not like food leftover, or you have nobody at home to share the regular chicken with you, all that you need to do is to follow the simple instructions below to make a single serving of delicious air fryer Cornish hen.


The necessary ingredients you need for preparing your tasty air fryer Cornish hen are as below. You can change the rational add-up according to your taste.

  • ¼ Teaspoon Basil (Dried)
  • ¼ Teaspoon Thyme (Dried)
  • ¼ Teaspoon Oregano (Dried)
  • ½ Teaspoon Black Pepper (Ground)
  • ½ Teaspoon Paprika (Smoked)
  • ½ Teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • ½ Tablespoon Salt
  • 1 Tablespoon Avocado Oil
  • 1 Cornish Hen


Once all the ingredients are there on your kitchen counter, we are ready to proceed with the main recipe. So, let’s move on;

First of all, you will need a bowl to prepare the seasoning. Add all the ingredients except the hen, in the bowl and shake them well to get everything evenly mixed.

If you use kitchen gloves for seasoning, it’s time to put them on. Start applying the seasoning paste to the hen. Do not let any part be left naked. The prepared quantity is appropriate for one Cornish hen, so it is recommended to apply all of it so that you can get the perfect taste.

You can also rub the paste directly on the meat to get a deeper spicy impact from the cooked Cornish hen.

Now is the time to take your cooking spray and sprinkle a gentle layer inside the air fryer. It helps the food to prevent from sticking therein. Forgetting to spray the lubricant will result in an odd face of your food.

Once you are done with spraying, your air fryer is ready to cook the delicious Cornish hen for you. Place it in and start cooking it at 360°F. Do not forget to place the hen with the breast side downwards.

You have to wait for about 35 minutes so you have enough time for sending some important emails meanwhile, or you can watch your favorite TV show while the crispy and delicious Cornish hen is being cooked.

On lapsing the said time, you need to twist the hen upside down in the fryer and let it be cooked again for around 10 minutes. This additional time is supposed to help the skin to get crispy with tender meat inside.

All that is left to check now is the internal temperature of the hen. If your meat thermometer says that it is 165°F that means your flavorsome Cornish hen is ready for serving.


There are a lot of options that you can pair with your delicious Cornish hen. These servings not only enhance the flavor but also help with balancing the savory richness. Several side dishes can be served with Cornish hen such as roasted red potatoes, mushroom rice, scalloped potatoes, and glazed carrots, etc.

Health Benefits

It contains lesser calories than regular chicken as well as less fat. This fact makes Cornish hen a healthy option for weight-conscious people especially. Moreover, the Cornish hen is enriched with niacin that boosts brain functioning.

Cornish hen is a source of high-quality protein that is enriched with the required amino acid. The presence of protein strengthens the muscles, bones, and other organs as well as maintains blood circulation.

That is not all, it is a powerhouse of minerals and antioxidants. It also contains a gentle rate of leucine, Glutamic acid, and tryptophan. The Cornish hen meat further helps to produce Carnitine that is known for converting fatty acids into energy.

Possible Health Risks

The only bad about Cornish hen is that it contains high cholesterol, so you are requested to choose your intake accordingly, so that you can live a healthy life along with enjoying our delicious, easy air fryer recipes. We wish you good health throughout.

Final Thoughts

Generally, there is no remarkable difference in the taste of regular chicken or a Cornish hen but there are a couple of facts that make them a preference somehow. For example, the Cornish hen is young enough to offer you a more tender white meat on cooking. Similarly, there are no leftovers as the Cornish hen is best for individual serving.

If you are fond of white meat as well as grilled or roasted foods, there is good news that the Cornish hen is best for roasting and grilling. For smaller gatherings and luxurious cooking and partying, you will not find a more hassle-free cooking option than an air fryer Cornish hen.

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