Can Air Fryers Cause Cancer

The air fryer is considerably a new cooking appliance which has become very popular within a short period. That has become possible because of some impressive characteristics of the device. It allows you to deep fry a variety of foods with the least effort within the minimum time. However, what makes the air fryer a winner is it requires less oil, making it a healthy alternative to frying the foods.

When compared to ways of cooking your food, there are a lot of benefits of the air fryer. However, some people are also concerned about the risk of this new technology, apart from its benefits. Can Air Fryers Cause Cancer? Does it produce toxicity? These questions may hit your mind while utilizing an air fryer.

Our today’s article will let you know about the benefits and drawbacks of cooking your food in the air fryer. To be more specific, we will compare the benefits and drawbacks of air fryers and other usual procedures of preparing things. Keep reading the article!

What is an Air Fryer? How Does it Work?

As the name suggests, the air fryer utilizes hot air to cook your food. An air fryer is basically a device that produces hot air and passes it through your food. This heats up your food without much of the oil. The device started hitting the market during 2010 and the manufacturer marketed these products as an alternative to deep fryers. As it requires less oil and a healthier alternative, the sale of the air fryer skyrocketed within a few years

When compared to air frying and deep frying, the amount of the required oils varies on a large scale. A few drops of oil or simply enough for cooking in the air fryer device. However, you will require a lot of oils while preparing the same food in the deep fryers.

Can Air Fryers Cause Cancer?

Now let’s come to the main point of the article. Is there any what that an air fryer can cause cancer? Acrylamide, a natural byproduct that is produced while cooking your food can cause cancer. It typically produces while you cook starchy vegetables like potatoes and bread in high heat. This cancer-causing substance can be formed in almost all types of cooking processes.

These include baking, frying, grilling, toasting, roasting, and other ways. That means an air fryer can produce the Acrylamide while cooking the food and cause cancer. However, there is a “but”. When compared to the other mediums of cooking, the air fryer creates less Acrylamide. As per a study, air frying your foods produces around 90% less Acrylamide when compared to the other ways of deep-frying.

Acrylamide is produced less on the air fryer for several reasons. One of the main reasons is air fryer requires around 80% less oil when compared to the other ways. Moreover, it typically cooks the food faster while not requiring much of the higher temperature. With an air fryer, you can also control the temperature of the machine and prevent overcooking of the meals.

So, we can say that air frying is a healthier alternative when compared to the other deep-frying methods. Another thing is the radiation that occurs while cooking the food. Air fryers also produce it while cooking but it doesn’t ionize like the other method. What it means is there are harms from its radiation and no chances of causing cancer.

What are the Benefits of Preparing the Food in an Air Fryer?

There are actually more of the benefits of preparing the foods in the air fryer. One of the main benefits is it can help you to boost your weight loss journey. Deep-fried food usually high in calories and fat because of the amount of oil used to prepare it. As a result, consuming deep-fried foods can lead to obesity and some other related issues. Replacing your usual deep-frying method will help you reduce the use of oil and decrease the chances of obesity.

The deep fryers also arrive with chances of injuries while preparing the food. There are chances of splashing, spilling, and touching the damn hot oil during the preparation. On the other hand, while using an air fryer, there are no chances of these issues. That is because the air fryer prepares your food in an encased section which decreases the chances of these injuries. Make sure that you are utilizing the air fryer in the right way to avoid such issues.

In above, studies have already proven the air fryers produce less Acrylamide, the compound that can cause cancer. Apart from this, it also cut out the production of other harmful compounds that can cause severe health issues in the long run. Foods cooked in the oils also arrive at risk of causing several health conditions. Switching to the air fryer can help you to cut these issues while providing you an easy, fast, and efficient way of preparing the food.

How to Utilize the Air Fryer Healthily

From the above discussion, you should already understand that the air fryer is healthier compared to the other ways of frying foods. You can make the operation healthier by utilizing the below tips:

  • Limit the cooking temperature of the air fryer to around 180 degrees Celsius. This is a perfect temperature for cooking food efficiently without producing Acrylamide.
  • Make sure to utilize the on/off timer of the device to cook for the right duration and prevent overcooking.
  • Try to avoid cooking the vegetables in the air fryer. This will damage the folic acid in the vegetables along with other health values like Vitamin C and Vitamin B.
  • Try to avoid preparing the processed food in the air fryer. The oil in these foods is definitely not healthy for you.


An air fryer is something that can make your cooking easier and healthier. But you need to use it in the correct manner to get a healthy and efficient performance from this unique device. If you have been worried about the harsh effects of using an air fryer, you should now go worry-free. It is definitely better and healthier than the other ways of preparing the foods.

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