How Long To Cook Hamburgers On The Gas Grill

Cooking Hamburgers On The Gas Grill

How Long To Cook Hamburgers On The Gas Grill? There are a wide variety of cooking ways available in today’s era. However, grilling tops the list for a decent number of reasons. It enhances the overall taste of the food and adds a unique smoky taste to it.

On the other hand, hamburgers are one of the most delicious foods found on Earth. Yet, what is tastier are hamburgers cooked upon the grills. 

Nonetheless, you need to know the perfect cooking span before actually starting with the grilling process as you don’t want to eat overcooked on undercooked meals, right? 

So, How long does it take to cook hamburgers on a gas grill? Stay tuned to find the answer, as this article contains the answer to this question and some other essential information. Therefore, let’s get straight with the article without any further due.  Let’s have a look.

How Long To Cook A Hamburger On A Gas Grill?

The answer to this question is complex as the cooking duration may vary according to the size and type of Burger you are willing to grill. Hence look upon the below list to determine the perfect cooking time for your hamburger. 

  1. For Rare Burgers: Cook rare burgers for 5 minutes in total at 135 degrees F
  2. For Medium-rare Burgers: Cook medium-rare burgers for approximately 5 to 6 minutes at 135 degrees F
  3. For Medium Burgers: Cook these at 145 degrees F for about 6 to 7 minutes
  4. For Well-done Burgers: For well-done burgers, cook 8 to 9 minutes in total at 160 degrees F

The Process To Grill Best Hamburgers

Start With A Clean Grill

Starting with a clean grill is imperative to ignore hygiene issues in the long run. So, start scrubbing the grill grates using a brush to remove the entire built-up residue from the past meals. 

Now, oil the grates by dipping a kitchen towel in oil and using grilling tongs to rub the oil on the grill. 

Buy An 80/20  Ground Beef Mix

You can season your hamburger in several ways, but it means nothing unless you arrange for a solid foundation. Try skipping the extra lean ground beef patty blends and use ground beef with a higher fat content for juicy and flavourful burgers. 

Ground beef with an 80/20 mix can be the best choice for gas grilled hamburgers. And by 80/20 mix, we mean a mix of 80 percent lean beef and 20 percent fatty content.  However, consider buying the beef from a renowned and reputed butchers shop to ensure the beef is of satisfactory quality.

Keep The Beef Cold

When combined with room temperature, your body’s heat melts and smears the fat. This prevents the fat from binding with the meat, causing too much of it to render during the grilling process, resulting in a dry, dense Burger. 

The simple solution to this problem is to keep your ground meat cold and shape the patties as quickly as you possibly can.

To do this, leave the grounded meat in the refrigerator for about 2 hours or until you are all ready to season it and form patties.  Hence, once you are ready, take the grounded beef out of the refrigerator, put in your favorite seasoning, and form patties as quickly as you can. Now, put the patty’s back in the refrigerator until you can grill. And voila, you are all done with the process. So, take the patties out and make hamburgers whenever you want. 

Ingredients To Cook A Hamburger On A Gas Grill

  • 1 lb of ground hamburger
  • 1 tbsp of new minced parsley
  • 1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 tsp of fluid smoke
  • 1 tsp of salt
  • 0.5 tsp of black pepper

Making Classic Beef Burgers To Cook Hamburgers On The Gas Grill

Step 1 To Cook A Hamburger On A Gas Grill

Plug in the barbecue so it can preheat for 5 minutes. For most Foreman barbecue models, connecting the machine turns it on. In the event that your model has a temperature dial, put it to High. Keep the top shut and ensure the oil plate is set up at the foundation of the lower barbecue plate.

Step 2 To Cook A Hamburger On A Gas Grill

Blend the ground meat and flavours in an enormous bowl. Add 1 lb of ground meat, 1 tbsp of new minced parsley, 1 tsp every one of fluid smoke and Worcestershire sauce, 1 tsp of salt, and 0.5 tsp of pepper.

You can rather use your fingertips to blend the fixings in the event that you wish. Make certain to clean up completely with a cleanser and water after you’re finished taking care of the crude meat.

Step 3 To Cook A Hamburger On A Gas Grill

Separate the blend into 4 chunks of equal size with your hands. Gather up one-fourth of the blend and roll it between your palms until it structures into a ball. Place it on a plate and rehash the interaction 3 more times.

Step 4 To Cook A Hamburger On A Gas Grill

Smooth each ball into a 0.5–0.75 in the thick patty. Crush each ball between your palms until you make a patty that is between 4–5in in breadth. Provide every patty with a steady thickness of between 0.5–0.75in throughout.

Set each shaped patty back on the plate.

Step 5 To Cook A Hamburger On A Gas Grill

Place 2-4 patties 0.25 separated on the barbecue. Lift the cover of the preheated barbecue and lay the patties on the hot base barbecue plate. Assuming you can’t fit every one of the 4 patties on your barbecue model on the double with this base measure of separating, cook them in 2 batches.

Step 6 To Cook A Hamburger On A Gas Grill

Close the cover and cook the burgers for 3.5-5 minutes. The cover has a pivot that is planned so the top plate will lay level on the burgers. After 3.5 minutes of cooking, lift the cover and check whether the highest points of the burgers are cooked but what you would prefer. If not, close the cover for an extra 30 seconds and repeat. This is how long it takes to cook a hamburger

Tips To Follow While You Make Your Burgers

  1. Flip Rather Than Pressing Your Burgers: pressing the burgers on the grill forces the fat and flavor out of the burgers. And as a result, you ate left with dry and bland Patties. However, feel free to flip them anytime you want.
  2. Add Cheese: add your cheese slice about 1 minute before the patties are finished cooking to allow it to melt and enhance the taste.
  3. Be Careful: follow all safety measures while working with a gas grill. 


To sum up, How long to cook hamburgers on a gas grill is an important question to ask if you Don’t want to eat over or undercooked hamburgers.

Hence, we have mentioned an ultimate answer and other essential information in the article above to make the cooking process easy. So read, cook and enjoy. 

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