How to Use Faberware Air Fryer

The Faberware Air Fryers are highly rated for their quality performance and versatile functionalities. There are several models of air fryers from the brand. Just bought a Faberware Air Fryer? Well, the next thing you need to learn is how to use the device. Although the air fryer is no rocket science, it can be a bit confusing during the first time. You can make the situation easier with our guide on how to use Faberware Air Fryer.

Below, you will find an in-depth guide on how to operate the Faberware Air Fryer. This guide will everything from turning on the air fryer, cooking the food, to storing it. Keep going through the article to be a pro user of the air fryer.

How to Use Faberware Air Fryer

The Faberware Air Fryer is designed to make your cooking healthier, easier, quick, and convenient. By making use of the rapid hot air convection cooking technologies, the air fryer can cook your fresh or frozen foods perfectly within a quick order. Below, we will discuss how to use Faberware Air Fryer. You can utilize the guide for using the different models of Faberware Air Fryers.

Step 1: Introduction to the Air Fryer

In this part, we will make you familiar with the Faberware Air Fryer’s features. You will find a basket, pan, basket release button, and basket handle in the air fryer at the front bottom of the device. There should be a power on/off button in the middle of the front side. In the above, you will find the temperature control knob, timer/power control knob, heating-up, and power-up light. The power cords along with air inlet and outlets are situated in the back of the air fryer.

Step 2: Before Using for the First Time

In this section, we will let you know about some of the works that need to be done while using the air fryer for the first time. The first thing you need to do is to remove all the packaging materials from the appliance. This will also include the stickers, labels, etc. Then you need to clean the basket of the air fryer along with the pan. Use hot water with dishwashing liquid and a non-abrasive sponge for the cleaning work.

Use a clean cloth to wipe the exterior and interior of the air fryer. Note that there is no need of filling the pan of the air fryer with oil or frying liquid. Air fryers don’t require oils like stovetops or deep fryers as they use hot air circulation to cook the foods.

Step 3: Setting it Up for Cooking

Begin with placing the air fryer on a flat and stable surface away from any blockage. Then remove the air fryer pan and the basket from the device. You can now add the food or ingredients to the basket. Make sure that you shouldn’t overfill the air fryer as this will cause uneven and inconsistent cooking. Cook in a single layer so that the air can circulate easily.

Once you have organized the ingredients in the air fryer surface, you can put it back in the air fryer by sliding it in the compartment. You should never use the basket without the pan while cooking. Now you can connect the device to the electricity.

Step 4: Determine the Time and Temperature

Make use of the temperature control knob to change the temperature. Note that the cooking temperature will vary based on the food you are cooking. Check your recipe carefully to know the temperature and then set the measurement accordingly. The same thing goes for the cooking duration which should also be mentioned in the recipe. The key to a perfect dish lies in selecting the right cooking time and duration.

You may preheat the machine for three minutes with an empty basket before cooking to heat up the device. This can be done easily by pressing the timer knob to set three minutes of cooking time. Once the air fryer is ready the RED heating-up light goes out. After that, you can add the food and set the timer based on the cooking duration.

Step 5: Shaking the Food If Needed

Some of the ingredients will require shaking during halftime. You can do this by pulling out the pan from the air fryer. Just put it back when you are done to resume cooking. Make sure that you are not pressing the basket release button during this period. If there is liquid in the pan, then you will require removing the basket from the pan. Do this by putting the pan with a basket on a heat-resistant surface.

Then press the release button and now you can shake the basket without the pan.

Step 6: Completing the Cooking

You will hear the timer bell when your food is cooked for the preset time. You can now take off the basket from the air fryer and put it on a heat-resistant surface. Now you can check the food. If you find them not yet done, you may put them back for cooking for further time. Else, remove the basket by pressing the release button and empty it on a plate or bowl. You may find steam in the pan based on the food you are cooking.

Make sure that you are not touching the food, basket, or pan during this period. They will be very hot and burn your fingers. You may utilize tongs for removing the large or fragile ingredients. Use non-metal tongs as the metal one can damage the non-stick coating of the air fryer. Once you have done the cooking of the first batch, you can begin cooking the second batch. You don’t require preheating as the appliance will already be hot.


The Faberware Air Fryer can be easily used following the above methods. However, we will recommend you to go through the user manual that arrives with the air fryer. This will let you know more details about using the air fryer. The manual may also include some of the common recipes for cooking various dishes.

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