How long do I Cook Frozen Jalapeno Poppers in an Air Fryer?

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How long do I Cook Frozen Jalapeno Poppers in an Air Fryer?

Make easy breaded air fryer jalapeno poppers from the frozen state in only 10 minutes. Hollow sauce or consume plain, frozen air fryer poppers are always a game day favorite! Heating up in only a twosome of minutes, frozen jalapeno poppers are super easy using your air fryer and make an ideal snack or easy appetizer if we get to them before anyone does! We are jalapeno popper obsessed in our home, especially our college-age friend who has become quite the addict. While we usually prepare bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers in an air fryer, he helped me make the TGI Friday’s frozen jalapeno poppers when he was home from school recently. I’m almost convinced how I feel about plunging the air fryer poppers recipe into raspberry jam, but the poppers themselves are delicious, and I got a thumbs up! Since the frozen jalapeno poppers in the air fryer don’t uniform the standard low-carb and healthy eating plans, they will be a part of a diet when eaten carefully. Plus, whether you’re trying to find an evening far away from cooking or a straightforward thanks to bond together with your teenage son, a couple of frozen poppers are worthwhile. Frozen jalapeno poppers are short in sugar (just a couple of grams per serving) and, believe it or not, are vegetarian also.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

  • It has frozen jalapeno poppers in an air fryer function with an air fryer that you own, whether it’s a bigger model or a smaller one.
  • Cooking breaded jalapeno poppers in your air fryer takes but 15 minutes!
  • This is often an excellent starter recipe for brand spanking new air fryer owners or for getting your kids involved within the kitchen.

Ingredient Notes

One of the most specific things about these frozen jalapeno poppers in the air fryer procedure is that it needs just one ingredient – your breaded jalapeno poppers!

  • Frozen jalapeno poppers – we prefer the TGI Friday type, but your favorite brand also will work.
  • optional – dipping sauce


  • An Air Fryer– we have an Omni Plus oven-style air fryer and a 3.2L Farberware basket-style air fryer.
  • Jalapeno popper air fryer procedure needs just a couple of minutes of some time and one flip. It’s that easy!

Prep Ingredients

To get begun, preheat your air fryer to 400F for five minutes. If your air fryer doesn’t do that automatically, turn it on and let it run to permit it to warm up.

While this might appear to be an unnecessary step, it’s essential that your air fryer, very similar to your oven, must be up to temperature before you start cooking.


  • 1 (15 oz) package jalapeno poppers


  1. Preheat the air fryer at 400F for five minutes.
  2. the whole air fryer frozen jalapeno poppers warming up time is 7-8 minutes, but flip them over halfway through cooking.
  3. Since air fryer categories can differ slightly, keep an in-depth eye on them if this is often your first time cooking frozen poppers in an air fryer. You’ll be seeking to grab them out when they’re heated through, the cheese is soft, but you do not want them so cooked that the poppers start bursting with cheese oozing out.
  4. Serve with raspberry jam (if given the package) or plain. Enjoy!


We employed Friday’s jalapeno poppers, but any brand will work! Their package is 15 oz; another brand might be different. You’ll cook as many as your air fryer will fit. Whether you simmer a half package or whole package, the air fryer frozen jalapenos cooking time is going to be equivalent. There’s no got to grease the basket since it’s nonstick.

Frozen Jalapeno Poppers Air Fryer Time

  • The whole air fryer frozen jalapeno poppers simmering time is 7-8 minutes when cooked at 400F. For decent outcomes, toss them over halfway through cooking.
  • However, air fryer models vary; we recommend you retain an eye fixed on your frozen jalapeno poppers while they cook to stop burning.
  • Cooking spray or oil isn’t needed to cook your frozen jalapeno poppers.
  • We have found that most frozen foods air fry best when cooked at 400F and flipped halfway through. You’ll heat your frozen jalapeno poppers at a lower temperature or without flipping, but you’ll get to watch them closely to stop burning and to make sure they’re cooked entirely through.

Fill instantly with the included raspberry jam, your favorite dipping sauce, or plain. Enjoy!

Recipe Tips

What to Assist with Air Fryer Frozen Jalapenos?

How long do they keep?

Once they’re cooked, your frozen jalapeno poppers will last within the fridge for 4-5 days. Make certain they’re stored in an air-tight container.

How does one Reheat them in an Air Fryer?

Heat preliminary, you air fry on 400F for 1-2 mins until heated back through.

Bottom line

Air-fried frozen jalapeno poppers are one of our special snacks. When you have a craving but don’t want to go through the procedure of bringing it fresh, frozen poppers strike the spot. They are fast, have excellent coating from the air fryer, and are so smooth and delicious. Of course, air frying frozen jalapeno poppers that come right from the freezer are tasty and cooks susceptible in the air fryer. But, incredibly, we were shocked at how crispy on the outside and flawlessly melty on the inside these poppers came out.

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