How To Clean A Blackstone Grill

How To Clean A Blackstone Grill

Blackstone grill is considered as a machine that can serve both the purposes, frying, and grilling. The most exciting thing about this machine is that it comes in a very economical range compared to the other grills available in the market. Therefore, if you like spending time outside, the Blackstone grill can prove to be a very good companion. However, keeping your Blackstone grill clean and tidy is also important. Don’t worry; in this guide, we have got you covered with all the things you need to know about the Blackstone grill, which includes how to clean a Blackstone grill as well.

But before we jump into the process, let’s understand the reason why it got so famous among people.

Reason For The Popularity Of The Blackstone Grill

The primary reason behind the success of the Blackstone grill was its easy use and versatility. It is like you don’t have to invest much time in it when you are trying to cook anything on it. All you need is cleaning it before the grilling experience and afterward, too.

Preparing the grill for the next time is extremely important. Follow the guide for more instructions.

How To Clean A Blackstone Grill

To clean the Blackstone grill properly, you need to follow the step by step guide properly:

  • Turn on the grill ( light it up) and heat it until it gets very hot.
  • Splash some tap water on it when it is hot. It will help you to pray away the residue of the last meal cooked on it.
  • Use a metal spatula to scratch the food remains.
  • Repeat the process until the grill is totally clean.

Why Oiling The Grill Is Important

The oil coat on the grill surface prevents it from rusting. Therefore, all the grilling experts recommend using avocado oil once you are done with the cleaning part. The oil is it is a surety that it won’t catch rust while it is still in storage. Moreover, the avocado oil also helps in preventing the food from getting stick to the surface of the grill.

In Addition to that, to keep your grill in premium condition, you also have to clean each and every part of it once in a while, even if you are not even using it.

Some Precautions To Take While Cleaning Blackstone Grill

Here are some of the precautions that are necessary to take while thinking about cleaning a black stone grill. It includes: 

Never Use Soap On It.

When you are using soap on the Blackstone grill, that means your next meal is going to be ruined. It is because soap leaves residue on the surface, and when it burns, it gives a very bad taste to the food. Moreover, if you are using soap on it, it also means it will lose all the seasoning, and you have to start over again. Otherwise, the food will still get stick to it, and you will have no idea what’s wrong with the grill.

Even slight mistakes while storing the grill can ruin its quality.

 What Oils You Can Use On The Blackstone Grill 

Experts prefer avocado oil. However, it totally depends on you. Suppose you are in a place where you cannot find avocado oil. You can go for any oil that has a smoke point above 400 degrees. All the oils that have a smoking point below this cannot be used on the Blackstone grill because the oil smoke will add a sour taste to the grilled or fried items. That sour taste is so bad that you don’t even want to even smell it.

Below we have provided a few reasons why you should have a clean grill.

  • The fear of getting bacteria: Bacteria growth in the grill can be a problem for you. If the bacteria stick to the food, it can cause food poisoning. Therefore, keep the surface of your grill neat and clean otherwise, your guests might suffer from it, and they would never see you again. The choice is yours!
  • Improved efficiency: if your grill burners are all covered with grease, they might not give you the total efficiency. On the contrary, if we clean our grills regularly, we would get better results.
  • Better taste: No guest wants to know what you grilled in the last session. Therefore, keeping your food clean can also help you to keep the flavors of the food natural.

What Is Meant By The Smoking Point Of Oil

By the smoking point, we understand that it is the temperature that is the limit to break down the oil particles and make smoke; therefore, while choosing the oil to season the grill, you have to find the oil that should have a high smoking point.

Can You Use Steel Wool For The Cleaning Purposes Of The Grill

Yes, you can use it for the cleaning purposes of the Blackstone grill. But we recommend you to use any hard thing like a metal spatula for that.

With this machine, you can easily cook burgers, steaks, chicken, etc. And the good thing about this machine is that it comes in a budget-friendly price range. However, after using it, you need to know how to clean a stainless steel grill. If you are unable to clean your grill properly, you might not be able to take the full benefit of it.


Blackstone grill is a perfect invention for people who love food. It is extremely classy and convenient. However, the good use of the machine is extremely important, and if you fail to use it in a proper way, you might not get addicted to the grilled food. On the contrary, if you are able to maintain it properly, you might stop eating other items and start your own Blackstone grill to cook different things on different days.

In the above guide, we have mentioned some of the tips and tricks of using the Blackstone grill. If you are able to understand them properly, you might never fail in grilling.


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