How Long to Cook Potato Skins in Air Fryer?

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The potato skins can be your favorite game night snack and you can easily prepare it in the air fryer. The air-fried potato skins come out impressively well-cooked and tasty. You can easily prepare this tricky snack with zero chances of failure by utilizing an air fryer. Keep going through the article to know how long to cook potato skins in air fryer.

The air-fried potato skins typically require a very small time for cooking. Compared to the oven or the stovetops, you can save a lot of time by utilizing an air fryer for the snacks. The below article will let you know about the cooking time, temperature, and cooking procedure for the potato skins.

So, How Long to Cook Potato Skins in Air Fryer?

The Potato Skins typically require around 5 to 7 minutes to be done in the air fryer. When compared to the other means of cooking, the time is very less. What’s more impressive is your Potato Skins will come out perfectly cooked within this short time without requiring much of the effort. Please remember that the period of cooking in the air fryer may vary a bit depending on various factors.

Such as some air fryers can cook the Potato Skins faster compared to the others with their quality features. Besides, the quality or type of the potatoes you are using also changes the cooking period. So, make sure that you are frequently checking the ingredients while cooking.

Another thing you can do is to remember the cooking time of the Potato Skins of the very first successful batch. Utilizing the time for the next batches will help you to get the best cooking.

How to Cook Potato Skins in Air Fryer?

As we said earlier, Potato Skins are a bit tricky to cook even when you are utilizing an air fryer. If you want to prepare them perfectly, we will recommend you to go through the below steps.

Step 1: Preheat the Air Fryer

The first thing we recommend you to do is to preheat the air fryer. This will assure that you are getting crispier and well-cooked Potato Skins. Turn on your air fryer after connecting to the electric source. Then use the right buttons to turn on the preheating. Then preheat the air fryer 370F for around 2 to 3 minutes. If you are very busy, you may also skip this step.

Step 2: Decide Serving Size

The next thing we recommend you to decide how much of the Potato Skins you want to cook. Do you want to prepare a lot of Potato Skins at once for your family? Or, you want to just cook a few of them for you? Decide the size of the serving. Make sure that you have enough time if you require multiple serves. The single-serve will require less than 10 minutes and multiple serves will require a lot of time.

Step 3: Put them in the Air Fryer Bucket

Now you require adding Potato Skins to the air fryer bucket. Bring them out from your refrigerator and remove them from the package. Then add the Potato Skins to the air fryer basket in a single layer. Adding a lot of them at once will cause overcooked and undercooked results.

Go for batch cooking if you have a lot of them to prepare at once. If you have a rack, you can also equip it to cook a lot of them at once without blocking the air circulation. Then out back the air fryer bucket and begin the cooking.

Step 4: Set Cooking Time and Temp

After adding the Potato Skins to the machine, the next thing you need to do is to set the cooking time. As we said earlier, the Potato Skin requires around 5 to 7 minutes to cook. Set the timer and let the temperature be the same as preheating. Now allow the Potato Skin to cook.

Like other air fryer recipes, you don’t need to flip the Potato Skin in half time. As we said earlier, the cooking time may be more or less based on the power of the machine. So, make sure to begin checking the ingredient after five minutes. If you are utilizing a rack for the cooking, you may alter their position in the halftime. This will assure proper cooking.

Step 5: Complete the Cooking

While checking them, if you find Potato Skin is properly cooked, you can take them off. If it seems like they will require additional time, you can wait for a few more minutes. While taking off the air fryer, be careful and hold the air fryer basket from the handle. Don’t touch the food or the air fryer basket as they will be very hot. Put the basket in a heat-resistant surface and let it cool down for a while.

Then you can utilize tongs to remove the food from the air fryer basket to the serving plate. After that, you can serve the food as you want. That’s it; you are done.

Can You use Air Fryer for TGIF Potato Skins?

Yes, you can. The TGIF Potato Skins are very popular and they are available widely. They are pre-cooked and comes as ready to heat. The TGIF Potato Skins is a quick appetizer that is also very tasty and a favorite of a lot of people. Although the manufacturer mention cooking them in the oven, an air fryer will be the better alternative.

You can cook them in the air fryer more quickly while being assured of perfect and consistent cooking. The air fryer also allows you to cook the TGIF Potato Skins with the least effort.


If you are tired of the regular snacks and appetizers, you should consider giving a try to the Potato Skins. Although they are not that popular, you will find the food unique and delicious. We hope that you will be able to perfectly cook the Potato Skins in the air fryer on the very first try.