How to use Power xl Air Fryer?

How to use Power xl Air Fryer?

We all love fried foods. Fried chicken, French fries, coconut shrimp, chicken parmesan, hot broth wings, and the list goes on and on. These delicious desserts are now part of our daily diet. But, so far, it has been impossible to find that good texture and flavor associated with such foods without frying deep fat or oil. Good News! The New Power Air Fryer XL has changed everything. Our culinary design team has made cooking even better a system that removes oil from the process and replaces it with the surrounding hot air, delicious cooking, and making it juicy. With Power Air Fryer XL, You can not only cook your favorite fried foods but also cook and bake other favorites such as “air fried” burgers, calzones, and donuts. It would be easy! “OneTouch Presets” sets the time and temperature on some of your favorites, like crispy shrimp and southern-style chicken. You and your family will enjoy it for many years of tasting good food and snacks with Power Air Fryer XL. Of course, you must read the entire manual and make sure that you are familiar with its performance and monitoring.

If the electrical circuit is full of other electrical equipment, your new Unit may not work correctly. It should operate in a dedicated electrical circuit.

Heating Protection in Air Fryer

If the internal temperature of the control system fails, a heat protection system will work, and this Unit will not operate. If this happens, disconnect the power cord, allowing the Unit to cool entirely before restart or conserve.


This machine complies with all standards in this regard of Electromagnetic fields (EMF). If appropriately treated too according to the instructions in this user manual, the equipment is safe to use according to scientific evidence available today.


The device has a built-in timer and will close automatically when counting down reaches zero. You can manually change the tool almost press the timer buttons until zero is displayed or by pressing the cancel button simultaneously. In both cases, the device will shut down automatically in 20 seconds.


  • Always use tools in a horizontal position in a standard, stable and non-flammable environment.
  • This machine is designed for typical house use only. It is not intended for commercial use or places of sale.
  • If Power Air Fryer XL is misused for professional or semi-professional purposes or is not used according to user instructions manual, warranty becomes invalid. We will do so you can be charged with a fine.
  • Always remove the device after use.
  • Allow the equipment to cool almost 30 minutes before handling, cleaning, or storing.
  • Make sure ingredients are prepared in this Unit to come out cooked in a golden yellow color instead of black or brown. Remove burnt residue.
  • Power Air Fryer XL installed in a small internal switch that automatically closes fan and temperature control when Outer Basket has been eliminated.



  • Small meals usually require a little shorter cooking time than large ones.
  • Most foods only need more cooking time than small amounts.
  • “Move” the balanced food throughout the cooking process, ensuring that all the pieces are fried evenly.
  • A small amount of vegetable oil is added to fresh potatoes with a crispier effect. When you add a little oil, do so before cooking.
  • Simple oven-cooked meals can also be cooked in the Power Air Fryer XL.
  • Use the pre-made dough to prepare snacks filled quickly and easily. gdefgffgrfhPre-made dough also needs to be shortened cooking time rather than homemade dough.
  • Place a baking tin in the Fry Basket when baking a cake or bun. However, a can or bowl is too recommended when cooking delicate or full-bodied food.
  • You can use the Power Air Fryer XL to refresh food. Set the temperature to 300 ° F for 10 minutes.


Clean the Power Air Fryer XL after each use. The Outer Baskets and Fry Basket are specially fitted non-stick areas. Never use scrubbing detergents on either dish in these areas.

  1. Remove the power cord from the wall socket and let the machine indeed cool before cleaning.

Note: Separating the Outer Basket from the Fried Basket will allow them to cool faster.

  1. Wipe the outside of the metal with a warm wet cloth and mild detergent.
  2. Clean Outer Basket and Fry Basket with hot water, mild soap, and a damp sponge.

Note: Outer Basket and Fry Basket are dishwasher-safe.

Tip: If Outdoor Basket and inside Basket contains Hard to remove food particles, leave Fry Basket and the Outdoor Basket covered, fill with hot soapy water, then soak for 10 minutes.

  1. Clean the metal interior with hot water, slowly cleaner, and a non-removable sponge.
  2. If necessary, remove unwanted food scraps from the Heating element with a cleaning brush.

Can I check the Food during Cooking?

You can remove the Outer Basket at any time while cooking continues. This time you can “shake” the contents of the Fry Basket if needed to ensure even cooking.

Is the Power Air Fryer XL Dishwasher safe?

Only Fry Basket and Outer Basket where the dishwasher is safe; the unit itself contains a file heat and electronic coil should never be soaked in liquid of any kind or cleaned anything other than a hot, dry cloth or a non-abrasive sponge with a small amount of mild soap.

What happens if the Unit does not work and I have already tried everything problem-solving suggestions?

Never try to fix a home. Instead, contact the manufacturer and follow the procedures set by the warranty. Failure to do so may invalidate any security that may apply to you.

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