What Grill Temp is Medium High?

What Grill Temp is Medium High?

Cooking meat that requires a relatively brief amount of time on the grill is best done at a “medium-high” grill temperature. This temperature isn’t the peak of heat levels, nor is it at the bottom — it generally hovers around 375 degrees Fahrenheit. When you’re grilling meats that need longer to cook through completely, such as a thick steak or chicken cuts, opting for a medium-high setting is ideal.

What is Medium-High?

There are a number of factors that determine the optimum grilling temperature. I won’t get too into it, but here’s what I’ve seen work: Just-finished meat Lightly seasoned meat Grilled over direct, relatively high heat The closer to the high end you go, the more charring you get on the surface of your meat. On the flip side, you get a lot of drying, which takes away from the flavor. This is a great time to use high-quality charcoal to avoid over-charring. I recommend lighter-colored briquettes for indirect grilling (as opposed to hickory or hardwood). You’re only limited by the thickness of the meat, so any thick meat will finish on the grill. The best way to know your meat is cooked is to see how the fat on the top of the meat melts down in the heat.

When is Medium-High a Good Temperature?

If you’re grilling over an open flame or under the broiler, choose medium-high to get the most complete cooking time without having to cook much longer than you think. The higher the temperature of the grill or stovetop, the longer the food will take to cook. That is, if the temperature remains high enough to maintain heat evenly. What is Low Heat? “Low heat” is for cutting down on the cooking time on foods like steaks. This is about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Low heat will keep the food at a steady temperature and help it stay at the temperature you want. Can I Have Hot Grill Temps for Other Foods? If the temperature is high enough for the food to reach a safe internal temperature, you can use it on other foods. If it’s a safe temperature for your personal cooking, you’re good to go.

How do I Set My Grill to Medium-High?

To change the grill temperature setting to “medium-high,” you’ll need to access your Grill or Grill Pan Control Panel. In most grillers, there’s a small control panel on the side of your grill. In some, the control panel will be located under the lid. Either way, you can adjust your grill’s grill temperature from this control panel. Before you move on to setting the temperature, make sure your gas grill is turned off. To do so, press the “burners off” button on your control panel. This will prevent your gas grill from igniting if the flame is still lit from the time you turned the grill off. Also, if your grill has an automatic shut-off system, you’ll need to press the manual shut-off button on the control panel.

What are the Advantages of Medium-High?

Medium-high is a good temperature for most foods, including meat, that takes a while to cook. The higher heat is better for tenderizing meats and getting a really crisp crust. Because it’s hotter, it’s easier to control how the meat is cooking, so it’s less likely to overcook. What are the Disadvantages of Medium-High? Heat makes foods dry out more quickly, so you don’t want to use it on meat that’s highly perishable, like steak, lamb, or chicken. Also, the hotter temperature leaves foods prone to burning. If a rack of ribs becomes too warm, they could burn. How Long Does Meat Need to Be Cooked at Medium High? When you cook meat at medium-high for a long time, like for the entire time the meat is grilling, you’re losing moisture.


Don’t get hung up on reading all the different degrees in between. The heat of the grill medium-high will give you an idea of how hot the grill will get, but that’s about it. The real key to cooking great burgers or steak is to read the thermometer and adjust to your desired temp. A little extra, attention to detail, and a little less pressure from your inner home cook can really improve the overall process of grilling and will leave your guests happier than their last batch of patties. How many people in the average household grills? Chef George Foreman also suggests people grill over the weekend when they have more time to prep and clean up and cook. Don’t Over Heat the Grill As for cooking time and cooking medium-high grill to get the desired temperature, it’s all about this: don’t overcook!

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