Phillips Air Fryer How to Use

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Air fryer has become one of the most popular medium of cooking things for its benefits. The appliance allows you crispy foods without deep frying or using oils. Moreover, the air fryer allows you to cook the food quickly and evenly by hot air circulation. There are a lot of air fryer brands out there. Amongst them, Phillips is very popular and well-known brand. Let’s see Phillips Air Fryer How to Use.

Phillips manufacture a number of air fryer at different prices and sizes. The air fryer of the brand is very easy to use. If you are using the Phillips air fryer for the first time, you should keep going through the article. Below, we will let you know how to use the device accurately to get the most out of it.

Things you Need to Know Before Using the Air Fryer

Here are some important cautions that you should be aware of while utilizing a Phillips Air Fryer.

  1. Add the air fryer in a horizontal and stable surface that is near to an electric outlet. It would be better if you select the countertop for the cooking.
  2. The Phillips air fryer are made for household uses. You shouldn’t use it for restaurant, shops, farms, or any other work environment.
  3. The guarantee of the air fryer will become invalid if you utilize it improperly without following the user manual of the air fryer.
  4. If the air fryer requires examination or repair, please send it to an authorized center by Philips. Using third party service will also void the guarantee.
  5. Make sure to unplug the air fryer after utilizing it. Allow the device to cool down for 30 minutes before cleaning or handling it.
  6. The foods prepared in the air fryer should come out golden-yellow instead of brown or dark. To minimize the acrylamide production, fry potatoes at less than 180 C temperature.

How to Use Phillips Air Fryer

As we said earlier, there are several Phillips air fryers in the market currently. Although their size and capacity may vary a bit, you can use the same instructions for the air fryer of all the air fryer from the manufacturer. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1

Get rid of all the packaging materials if you are using it for the first time. Also, remove the stickers and labels from the air fryer. After that, clean the basket of the air fryer with hot water along with some washing liquid and abrasive-resistant sponge. You may use a cloth to wipe the interior and exterior of the main body. Never submerge the air fryer device’s main compartment in water.

Step 2

As we said earlier, place the air fryer on a flat, stable, horizontal surface that is free from any blockage. The put the main plug of the air fryer in a nearby earthed wall socket. Now you can put the machine for preheating or proceed to cooking by taking out the pan of the device. If you want to preheat, select the preferred temperature and time for the preheating.

Step 3

Now put the food in the air fryer basket. Note that you should only put one layer of the food in the air fryer. Putting multiple layers will cause uneven cooking. Also, try to keep some distance between the food so that the hot air can pass through easily and cook the food from every direction. If you want to cook a lot of food at once, you will require cooking them in smaller batches.

Step 4

Now you will need to determine the cooking temperature. Find the cooking time from the user manual. You can also find the temperature in the recipe book or online recipe you are following. Determine the time and temperature of cooking to get the best outcome. Once you are sure about the temperature, utilize the air fryer temperature control knob to adjust the temperature.

The next thing you need to do is to determine the cooking time. Follow the same way to find and be sure about the temperature. Then use the time control knob to set the cooking duration. That’s it, now your air fryer is ready to cook the food.

Step 5

Some of the ingredients will require shaking or flipping in the halftime to be assured of the best result. If you want to shake or flip the food, simply take off the air fryer pan and do it. Once you are done, put back the basket again in its place. Note that you don’t need to press the basket release button while taking it off for shaking or flipping.

Step 6

The air fryer will notify you through the timer bell once the preparation time is elapsed. Pull the pan out and see how much they have cooked. If you find the cooking is complete, then you are done. If you think the ingredient will require few more minutes to cook properly, then put back the basket.

Besides, if the cooking is done, take out the air fryer pan and put it on a heat-resistant surface. You may also shut off the operation of the machine by using the time control knob and adjust it to zero (0). Now you are done. After waiting for a few minutes to cool down the air fryer, you can transfer the food in serving plate.


Don’t touch the air fryer basket or the food immediately as it can cause burn. Also, don’t turn the basket upside down when it is attached to the pan as the excessive oil may leak into the food. For bigger ingredients, you can use tongs to remove them. Make sure to use a non-metal tong to prevent the damage on air fryer basket.


Phillips air fryer is one of the best air fryer brands for reliable and well-performing devices. If you are using their air fryer for the first time, make sure to read the user manual at the beginning. This will let you know how to make the best use of the device without causing any issues.