How to Make Bacon Jerky in Air Fryer Oven

Bacon Jerky is a tantalizing treat that is the perfect blend of sweet, spicy, and mouthwateringly delicious, and it’s so addictive that stopping might become a challenge. Now, you have the convenience of preparing Bacon Jerky quickly in an air fryer. The air fryer makes the cooking process seamless and effortless. Continue reading this article to learn the method of making bacon jerky in an air fryer oven.

In this article, you will find all the steps on how to cook the bacon jerky, the recommended cooking time, temperature, and other information. Keep going through the article to prepare the best Bacon Jerky from the comfort of your home.

Why Use Air Fryer for This Recipe?

You may already know that there are several ways to make bacon jerky. You can make them on regular stovetops or you can use the oven to cook them. However, do you ever think of preparing them in the air fryer? Well, an air fryer allows you to cook the Bacon Jerky in the easiest way. As the full cooking steps are automated, there is nothing much you need to do. They will be ready within a few minutes.

The air-fried Bacon Jerky also comes out perfectly and there are very low chances of errors. If you are a novice cooker, an air fryer will be a great companion for you to cook the recipe as well as the others. Cooking the food in an air fryer also reduces the fat content and extra calories by requiring very little to no oil. Last but not least, the air fryer allows you to make the Bacon Jerky delicious without much effort.

How to Make Bacon Jerky in Air Fryer Oven

In this article, we will show you how to prepare candied Bacon Jerky. You will require bacon for the recipe and we will recommend you to pick the turkey bacon as they are healthier. The next thing you will need is brown sugar. Let’s see what you need to do next:

Step 1: Prepare the Ingredient

Take of the Bacon Jerky from the refrigerator and open them from the package. Decide how much you want to cook. Then you may allow them to thaw for a few minutes. Or you can also proceed without thawing. Cut the Bacon Jerky into half and then coat them with the brown sugar. Make sure the sugar adheres to the bacon.

Step 2: Preheat the Air Fryer

As you will want the Bacon Jerky to be crispy, you will recommend you to preheat the air fryer although it is not mandatory. Turn on your air fryer after placing it in the right place neat to an electric outlet. Then connect the air fryer to the electricity and turn it on. Put it on 350 F and 3 to 5 minutes of the cooking duration. Make use of the specific buttons on your air fryer to adjust the time and temp for preheating.

Step 3: Add the Bacons in the Basket

Now take off the air fryer basket and add the bacon coated with brown sugar in it. Organize them in a single layer on the bottom of the basket with little gaps in between. Putting them this way is essential to assure proper air circulation which is important for cooking. Make sure that you are not overfilling the air fryer basket as it will cause uneven cooking.

Here is a little tip: if you want to prepare a lot of Bacon Jerky at once, you can consider cooking them in smaller batches for the best outcome. You may also make use of the racks if your air fryer includes them to cook them in multiple layers inside the machine.

Step 4: Set the Cooking Time and Temp

The cooking duration will be something around 5 minutes and the cooking temperature will be the same as preheating. So, you don’t need to adjust the cooking temp. Make use of the timer knob in the air fryer to adjust the time. Note that the cooking duration may vary depending on the air fryer capability and the variation of the bacon you are using.

We will recommend you to begin checking it after cooking for around 4 minutes at 1-minute intervals. Bring out the air fryer basket and give a closer look. Adjust the if you find that the food is not done in the mentioned time. Once the Bacon Jerky is ready, you can take them out. The Bacon Jerky should crisp up and got the texture when they are done.

Step 5: Complete the Cooking

Once you find the Bacon Jerky are perfectly cooked as you wanted, you can take them off from the air fryer. Bring out the air fryer basket carefully by holding it from the handle, and then put it on a heat-resistant surface. Be aware of touching the food, air fryer basket, and pan during this time as it will be damn hot. It is advisable to wait for a few minutes to let the food cool down and then use tongs to remove them from the serving plate.

That’s it; this is how you make the sweet Bacon Jerky in the air fryer. Do you want them to spice up a bit? Well, you can consider adding a hot sauce. Moreover, you can also add the cayenne pepper which makes the Bacon Jerky very spicy. If you love them sweet, you may consider adding maple syrup or honey instead of the hot sauce and the spices. Just like these, you may experiment with other seasonings to find the perfect taste that goes well with your mouth.


If you are bored with the usual French fries and chicken recipes and want to try something unique, you should really consider the Bacon Jerky. They are very easy to make and don’t require a lot of time or effort. You can make this recipe ready within less than 10 minutes by following the above recipe. Let us know about the outcome if you are going to try this Bacon Jerky recipe.

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