How to Cook a Beef Roast in The Air Fryer

The flavor of beef roast cooked in an air fryer is unmatched. Many may think roasting beef is a challenge, yet the convenience of an air fryer simplifies the process significantly. With the help of this automatic kitchen appliance, you can easily and swiftly make a beef roast right in your kitchen. Discover the method to prepare a beef roast using an air fryer.

There are several ways to cook the beef roast. But if you want to get the best taste without much effort, we will recommend you the air fryer method. Apart from being super-efficient, fast, and effortless, the air fryer also helps you to keep the roast healthy compared to the other cooking techniques.

Below, you will find all the steps to make the recipe. Along with the steps, we will also let you know other cooking data like how long to cook, and what temperature to utilize. Check the recipe out from below.

What Cut is the Best for Air Fryer Beef Roast?

Well, you can use any cuts for preparing the beef roast in the air fryer. However, the tougher cuts may require a longer period for cooking in the air fryer. If you want to make them quickly, you may need to be picky with the cut. Some of the users claimed they have good results with roller rib roast, rib-eye roast, sirloin roast, the eye of round roast, tri-tip roast, etc.

If you prefer slow roasting, you can consider the rump roast or chuck roasts. You can cook them at a controlled low temperature for a long time. You may also use these cuts for preparing the beef jerky and beef pot roast. It doesn’t matter what cut is you are using for the beef roast, make sure to pick the right temperature and cooking duration for the best outcome.

How to Cook a Beef Roast in The Air Fryer

Well, cooking the beef roast in the air fryer is going to be a unique and worthy experience. Compared to your traditional ways of cooking, the air fryer can provide you with a better experience and outcome. Moreover, you can cook any cut of the beef roast in the air fryer without much effort. Let’s see how to do it.


  •         Beef roast (preferred cut)
  •         Olive oil (1 tbsp)
  •         Medium Size Onion (1pc)
  •         Regular Salt (1 tbsp)
  •         Rosemary and thyme (2tbsp)

Step 1: Preparation

Take out the beef roast from the refrigerator if it is frozen. It would be better if you thaw it first though you can cook it without thawing. Now add the salt, rosemary, and oil to a plate to create a mixture. After that, pat the roast with paper towels to dry it and then put it into the mixture for coating the exterior properly.

Step 2: Preheat the Air Fryer

While cooking the beef roast, you should preheat the air fryer. Put the device flat and horizontal surface away from any blockage. After that, connect it to a nearby electric outlet. This should turn on the device. The preheating temperature is 390 F for the beef roast and the time should be around 2 to 3 minutes. Make use of the specific buttons in the air fryer to set the preheating temp and time.

Step 3: Add the Beef Roast in Basket

Now slide out the air fryer basket and put the beef roast on its surface. If you are cooking a single piece of the beef roast, then put it directly in the middle of the basket. If you have several of them to cook, you should organize them in the basket in a single layer. There should be enough gap between the pieces.

Note that you shouldn’t add the beef cuts in multiple layers as it will prevent them from cooking evenly. You may consider cooking in smaller batches to the best outcome. If your air fryer includes a rack, you may also utilize it for cooking them in two layers without blocking the circulation. Put back the basket after adding the roast in the basket.

Step 4: Set Time and Temp

The cooking duration will vary based on your preferred outcome. If you want them to be medium-rare, they will need to be cooked for 40 minutes. You may cook for a few more minutes to get a better outcome. Note that the cooking duration may also vary a bit depending on the capability of the air fryer. Be aware of the time and check frequently.

Initially, you should set the cooking duration to 10 minutes and the temperature to 390 F and then cook for another 30 minutes at different temperatures. Make use of the right buttons or knob in the air fryer to make the adjustment. After that, you can begin cooking the food.

Step 5: Cook

Begin the cooking once after setting the time and temp. Cook them for the first 10 minutes. Then change the cooking duration to 30 minutes and the temp to 390 F. Begin checking the food when you are close to the cooking duration. After cooking the meat for the recommended period, you should slide out the air fryer basket and check the inside temperature of the food to assure they have cooked perfectly. If they require cooking a bit more, you can update the cooking duration accordingly.

Step 6: Complete the Cooking

Once you find the beef is perfectly cooked, you can remove the air fryer basket. Carefully hold the handle and take off the basket and put it on a heat-resistant surface. Don’t dare to touch the basket, pan, or the food instantly as they will be very hot. It is recommended to wait 10 minutes after cooking and then use tongs to remove them.


If you have been cooking the beef roast in other ways, you should give it a try to the air fryer method. This is extremely easy, requires less time, and allows you to cook as you want. We hope you will find the above recipe useful while cooking the beef roast in the air fryer for the first time. 

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