How To Air Fry With Instant Pot

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How To Air Fry With Instant Pot With The Crisping Lid

Do you know how to air fry with Instant Pot? If not, this article is about to change that. The Instant Pot is a popular cooking appliance. It can perform several cooking functions and make your life easier. You can fry, bake, grill, and roast your food in the Instant Pot. This cooking appliance has got even better with the Instant Pot air fryer crisp. With this new appliance, you can even air fry your food by just changing the lid.

The design of this cooking appliance is simple and effective. The pressure cooker and air fryer lid are easily locked in their place without much hassle. Let’s explore a bit more about frying in the Instant Pot.

Cooking with Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

The instant pot air fryer lid is one of the advanced portable cooking tools that make your daily cooking easy. It converts your instant pot into an air fryer by a simple switch of lids. The instant pot air fryer lid is easily fixed with most of the selected six-quart instant pot models. The lid allows you to transform your instant pot into an advanced air fryer that performs different air fryer operations. It fries crispy French fries, bakes a cake and a cookie, broils burgers, roasts your favorite meat or chicken, dehydrates your favorite fruit slices, and also reheats your frozen foods. It converts your instant pot into a multi-cooking kitchen appliance by just swapping the instant pot lid with an air fryer lid.

Recommendations For When You Air Fry With Instant Pot

When you are using an instant pot air fryer lid it is recommended that the lid is used only with a stainless-steel inner pot, do not use a ceramic pot with this air fryer lid. This lid works as a duo crisp air fryer lid, it comes with a heating coil and a high-powered fan, it circulates very hot air into your air fryer to air fry your food quickly and evenly from all sides.

The instant pot air fryer lid comes with 6 pre-programmed functions preset on the top side of the lid with a digital display. While using these presets you never need to worry about time and temp9p9perature settings because these functions are preset perfect temperature and exact time. You just need to select the desired button and press the start button to run the program as per your requirement. Without pressing the start button your program never runs.

Air Frying With The Instant Pot Presets

These 6 preset functions are:

Air Fry:

This function is used to make your food crisp. Using this function, you can make your French fries crisp from the outside and tender on the inside. It can also be used to crisp your frozen food and pressure-cooked dishes.


This function is used to roast your chicken and also gives a nice crisp and crust to your favorite food.


This function helps to bake your favorite cake, brownie, and delicious cookies.


This function is used to melt cheese over pasta, broils your favorite burger, browns foods like chicken, and also cooks your favorite meat cuts.


This function runs on low heat for a long time. Using this function, you can dehydrate your favorite fruit slice. This function only dries it out not to cook, it just spreads warm air into the air fryer to remove the moisture from the air fryer. You can make crispy apple chips at home using this function.


This function is used to reheat your frozen food, or it can make your food crisp as the night before.

​You can easily pressure cook your favorite food in the instant pot and give it a nice brown and crisp texture using this cook and crisp technology. This magical cooking appliance not only saves your kitchen top space but also saves you money and time. You never need to purchase another appliance for a single operation like broil, bake, reheat, air fry, roast, and dehydrate. An instant pot air fryer lid is one of the appliances that come with two lids; one is for pressure cooking purposes and the other is for air frying your food. This two-lid appliance gives you an amazing cooking experience just by swapping the lids.

How to air fryer with Instant Pot?

The instant pot air fryer lid is easy to operate; all the functions are given on the top side of the lid along with the digital display. If you are a new user then follow the step-by-step instructions given below to operate the instant pot lid properly.

Step 1: First, make sure you unplug your instant pot. If there is pressure in the pot then release it and remove the regular pressure cooking lid from the instant pot.

Step 2: Cover with your instant pot air fryer lid and lock the lid.

Step 3: Plug your air fryer lid into the socket and select the program from the top of the air fryer lid as per your recipe requirements. You can also increase or decrease the time and temperature setting as per your recipe needs by just pressing the + and – setting button.

Step 4: Next, press the Start button to start the cooking process. When the cooking process has completed its half cooking cycle the display indicates a “Turn Food” message to turn your food.

Step 5: If you want to turn the food open the lid and turn your food. When you open the lid the program automatically stops and resumes when the lid closes. If you don’t want to turn your food just ignore the message it will automatically resume the cooking process after a 10-second wait.

Step 6: Finally, when the cooking process has completed then the display shows the message “End Cool”. At this stage, your cooking process is complete, and you should remove the air fryer lid and place it over the gray protective pad.

​ Using these simple steps, you can cook a variety of different healthy, delicious dishes in your kitchen with less effort.

Bottom Line

Air frying with the Instant Pot is super easy. All you need to do is swap out the pressure lid with your air crisping lid. Switching out the lids opens up a variety of new recipes that you wouldn’t have been able to cook before. So, grab your crisping lid and get cooking!

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