How to Cook Frozen Chicken Nuggets and French Fries in Air Fryer

Find How to Cook Frozen Chicken Nuggets and French Fries in Air Fryer

Are you curious about how to cook frozen chicken nuggets and French fries in air fryer? No need to worry at all. This article will contain the detailed cooking process for nuggets and French fries. Our recipe will contain few ingredients and straightforward steps to cook.

There’re different types of nuggets in the world. However, we’ll talk about chicken nuggets in this article. The recipe for French fries is straightforward. We’ll discuss both of the chicken nugget and French fries recipes accordingly.

For these two food items, you’ll require only 7-8 ingredients at most. The cooking process is simple. You can make nuggets at home and freeze them, or you can buy processed nuggets from the market. But, we’ll discuss both in this article.

Introducing the Food Items

Background of Frozen Chicken Nuggets

A chicken nugget has multiple food items inside it. There’s boneless chicken, a mixture of salt, water, other seasonings (yeast, starch, citric acid). However, different types of chicken nuggets are readily available in the market.

McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets are one of the famous worldwide and liked by many people.

The best way to cook chicken nuggets is in the air fryer. An air fryer will quickly provide crispy and brown texture on the chicken nuggets surface.

Background of French Fries

It’ll be hard to find people who don’t love French Fries. But what are French fries? In short, they’re deeply fried potato slices.

You can oven bake or prepare in the air fryer. However, a roast recipe is best to process in an air fryer.

For the French fries and chicken nugget recipe, you’ll get the cooking steps altogether in the following section.

Learn How to Cook Chicken Nuggets and French Fries in the Air Fryer

The ingredients for both the food items will be a bit lengthy but, it’ll be easy to accumulate them.


  1.     Frozen Chicken Nuggets Pack
  2.     Olive Oil
  3.     Even Potato Slices
  4.     Salt
  5. Peeper (Red/ Black)
  6. Lemon Pieces

There’ll be mainly three steps to cook. We’ll start with a preparation mixing before putting the food items in the air fryer, the cooking process, and finally, the serving step.

Steps to Cook Chicken Nuggets and Fries in the Air Fryer

Preparatory Steps

Defrost the frozen chicken nuggets you bought from the store or made at home. Then, mix them with olive oil, salt, and pepper powder.

Also, mix the even potato slices with salt and pepper. Preheat your air fryer at 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, place the chicken nuggets and potato slices in separate bowls or containers.

Cook and Fry in Two Steps

If you did the preheating, place the chicken nuggets in your air fryer. Then, start cooking at 300-350 degrees.

In this way, cook for ten straight minutes. After halfway through the cooking, place the potato slices in the air fryer.

Then, cook both chicken nuggets and the potato slices for five to seven minutes at a stretch.

Serve Chicken Nuggets and Fries

So, it would be best if you had adequately cooked frozen chicken nuggets and French fries in a single frying bowl.

Now add extra seasonings like black or red pepper along with the servings. Moreover, you can add lemon slices for a different flavor.

Following the above steps, you can quickly cook chicken nuggets and French fries at once.

Few Tricks to Cook Chicken Nuggets and French Fries

It’s good to follow some extra tips and tricks for creativity while cooking chicken nuggets and French fries.

Amount of Chicken Nuggets

Depending on your air fryer capacity, choose the number of chicken nuggets to cook at once.

However, the best practice is to cook two to three pieces of chicken nuggets in a single batch.

Add Potato Slices for French Fries

French fries don’t take much time to get fried. Hence, if you want to cook French fries with chicken nuggets, add the potato slices halfway in the cooking steps.

Add Seasonings with Chicken Nuggets and French Fries

Add peppers, cucumber, sauce, etc., with the French fries and chicken nuggets. The sauce is a go-to seasoning product for French fries.

Learn About Some Benefits of Cooking in an Air Fryer

The benefits are immense. Air fryers come on top in comparison with halogen or traditional ovens.

Crispy Chicken Nuggets Surface

If you want to have the ultimate crispy texture on the chicken nugget surface, air fryers are the best to use.

The heated air from the air fryer can reach all over the chicken nuggets for uniform heating.

The Best Features of Air Fryer

The best features for air fryers make the cooking process easy. The preheating and the air generation features allow a fast cooking rate.

Besides, an essential feature is a space-saving facility. Air fryers don’t use that much of your kitchen space. Hence, it’s a storage-compatible cooking appliance.

Final Thoughts

So, we’re done with our chicken nuggets and French fries recipe. The steps to cook both of the food items are elementary. However, we recommend you take some extra care while making the potato slices. The pieces are better to be even in structure. If you want another chicken nugget recipe, click here.

Besides, when you cook chicken nuggets, cook for ten minutes at 350 degrees at least. However, if you don’t achieve a crispy and brown texture, you can cook for five extra minutes.

For the seasonings part, you can add your creativity. But, make sure you add the sauce with the French fries. French fries without sauce don’t look complete. For your comfort, we’ve got a video for you. If you have the time, check out the video to learn more about the chicken nuggets and French fries recipe.

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