How to Cook Frozen Crab Cakes in An Air Fryer

Frozen Crab Cakes offer a swift and easy meal solution, needing less than 10 minutes to prepare using an air fryer. Numerous companies produce high-quality frozen crab cakes that can be prepared using various methods, such as baking in an oven, cooking on a stovetop, or using an air fryer. Nonetheless, using an air fryer is the optimal choice for achieving the best quality and fastest cooking time. Below, we’ll explain the steps to effectively cook frozen crab cakes using an air fryer.

Why cook the Frozen Crab Cakes in the air fryer? Air fryer allows you to cook them faster with the least effort. Besides, while using the modern cooking appliance, you need very little or no oil. As a result, your meal will be healthy and contain low calories and fat. Below, we will discuss the cooking procedure, cooking duration, temperature, and other important aspects.

Why use Air Fryer for This Recipe?

In the above, we have discussed some of the top benefits of cooking crab cake in the air fryer. Now let’s see some more benefits.

  • The air fryer can cook the food faster than your thoughts. You don’t need to thaw the ingredients which save a lot of time. It takes less than 10 minutes to cook the food directly from the refrigerator.
  • This air fryer recipe is economical. The air fryer requires at least 30% less oil compared to the oven. Besides, while cooking in the air fryer, you don’t require using a lot of oil as the deep fryers and stovetops. This also saves you some pennies.
  • One of the top benefits of the air fryer is the device is extremely easy to clean. Compared to the other ways of cooking, you don’t need to go through a lot of cleaning work after utilizing an air fryer device. You can even make the cleaning easier by using parchment paper.
  • The taste of your food will make the inside of the crab cake tender while the exterior will be crispy and beautifully golden brown.

How to Cook Frozen Crab Cakes in An Air Fryer

Now we will discuss the entire cooking procedure in steps. Before you begin, make sure that your air fryer is ready and you have enough frozen crab cakes for your preferred serving size. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Turn on the air fryer after positioning it in a suitable place near an electric outlet. Then set the machine for preheating at 375 F for around 3 to 5 minutes using the time and temp control knobs.
  2. Now slide out the air fryer basket and add the frozen crab cakes to the bottom of the basket. Make sure to add them in a single layer to assure consistent cooking. Cook in smaller batches if you have a lot of them to cook. Put back the basket with the cakes.
  3. Now you need to set the cooking duration to 12 minutes and begin the cooking. Note that the cooking duration may vary based on the ingredient and air fryer unit. Make sure to check after 5 minutes how they are coming along.
  4. Once you are close to the cooking duration, you should begin check frequently. Adjust the cooking duration accordingly and cook until they are fully golden brown.
  5. When the crab cakes are done, take off the air fryer basket carefully by holding it from the handle. Put the basket on a heat-resistant surface and leave them for a few minutes to cool down. Then use a spatula to remove them from the air fryer. Don’t touch the food, basket, or pan immediately unless you want to burn your finger.

How to Determine the Cooking Duration

You need to be careful about the cooking duration as it may vary on several factors. Especially, the variation of the crab cakes will make the time vary. If you are cooking mini crab cakes which are frozen, you will require around 8 to 9 minutes of cooking at 375 F. For the standard-sized crab cakes, the cooking duration will vary from 10 to 12 minutes at 375 F. The cooking duration will be around 8 to 12 minutes at 350 F.  

Can I Reheat the Crab Cakes in Air Fryer?

Absolutely yes! If you have mistakenly prepared a lot of crab cakes at once and ended up with leftovers, you shouldn’t through them away. Simply put them in an air-tight container and put them in the refrigerator. Following the way, you can store the cooked crab cakes for up to 3 days. You can take them out from the freezer and reheat them in the air fryer.

Reheating requires around 5 to 8 minutes and 325 F temperature or cook until they are crisped up properly. Use the same steps we have mentioned for the cooking. To assure better crispiness, you may preheat the air fryer before cooking.

How to Make Fresh Crab Cakes at Home?

Instead of purchasing frozen crab cakes, you can consider making fresh crab cakes and it is very easy to do. You need the crab meat, green onions, mayonnaise, pepper, breadcrumbs, lemon juice, and other seasonings for this. Slice the green onions first and then all the ingredients in a bowl. Mix them well to create a dough. Then form even-sized patties from the dough and put them in the air fryer basket.

You can use parchment paper if the air fryer basket is not non-stick. Moreover, you can consider spraying some oils on the cakes to bring the taste. The fresh crab cakes require around 8 to 10 minutes to cook. You can use the exact same cooking procedure for the frozen version to cook the fresh crab cakes.


If you are tired of the usual snacks, you should give a try to the crab cakes. As you see above, they are impressively easy to prepare and require a very short time. This unique recipe is healthy and helps to fulfil your craving for something crispy. We hope you will be able to cook the crab cakes perfectly using the above recipe.

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