How to Use Ginny’s Air Fryer

How to Use Ginny Air Fryer – In depth Guide

Having an air fryer on your kitchen counter is essential for anyone looking for a healthy and effortless cooking experience. It significantly enhances life by offering meals that are low in calories yet of high quality. This device reduces the need for excessive use of oil in deep frying, as well as the dangers associated with burns from splashing oil. The task of frying has consistently been one of the more difficult aspects of preparing meals, but opting for Ginny’s Air Fryer is a wise decision for optimal results. Although embracing new and innovative methods can be daunting, making the switch to an air fryer is a prudent move for those prioritizing a healthy lifestyle.

Working of Air Fryer

Combine use of fast moving air and heat cooks the food and keeps it crisp with very less amount of oil. The circulation of hot air in the perforated basket cooks the food evenly with beautiful colour, juicy taste and tender to eat. It works on the revolutionised technique of heat conduction, induction and fast circulation of air to provide the marvellous crispy and tasty food.

Ginny’s Air Fryer

Hold or press the power option for three seconds to start the fryer. Once the fryer is working fan like symbol will appear. Some foods need to be shaken for proper and even cooking for this purpose it may be paused or resumed with start/pause. It offers a variety of seven options to please your taste buds. Its digital control is easy to use with the following options fries, steaks, poultry, fish, meat, vegetable and shrimps. Stainless steel basket can hold a good amount of food for family use. Temperature and time can easily be adjusted with digital display. Its user friendly interaction makes it easy to use for beginners as well.


Preheating means that appliance cooking vessel is preheated before putting the food to the perforated basket. For better results Ginny’s air fryer may be preheated up to 400 ° F. To preheat the Ginny’s air fryer empty steel basket along with the assembling container should be properly installed  and preheating time may be selected. The rotating fan symbol verifies the working of the fryer. Preheating time differs and varies from food to food and it also depends upon the quantity of the food.

Using the Ginny’s  Air Fryer

To use the air fryer open the specially designed basket unit and put the food to be cooked in the basket. Always keep in mind that over crowding the basket may not provide you the desired taste and result. Flipping and tossing of food also help out in keeping the food juicy. Select the options on the display or through the dial depending upon the appliance being used. Once the time and heat is set appliance is ready to help you in cooking or frying your meal.

Using Ginny’s Air Fryer for  Spicy Steaks

Steaks are a rich source of protein and likeable dish to serve in gatherings and parties all around the world. But now the time is changed and so change is needed in old ways of cooking. Cooking the steaks in Ginny’s air fryer is not that difficult anymore with the following recipe.


Steaks ( beef ) 1 pound,1 inch in thickness

Olive oil 2 table spoon

Salt add to taste

Black pepper 1 tea spoon

Red chilly flakes 1 tea spoon

White pepper 1/2 tea spoon

Soy sauce 1 table spoon

Vinegar 1 table spoon

Mustard paste 1 teaspoon

Onion powder 1/2 tea spoon

Ginger powder 1/2  tea spoon

Parsley for garnishing


In a bowl add salt, olive oil, black pepper, white pepper, red chilly flakes, vinegar , mustard paste, ginger powder, onion powder and soy sauce. Mix all the ingredients well enough. Now one by one take the steaks and rub this mixture thoroughly on each side so that the mixture absorbs and stick well to the steaks. Once the mixture is coated well on both sides the steak is ready for air frying. If medium rare cook is required set the timer for 15 minutes and for well done steaks the timer should be set for 30 minutes. Remember to flip sides when half time is passed.


This  meal will  serve 2 to 3 persons. Serve it with garlic and mayonnaise dip. To  enhance your presentation air fried onion rings and potato wedges may be served with the steaks. Serve it with garlic butter at the top with sprinkled parsley.


Always preheat the appliance for 10 minutes at 400 °F.

Keep the steaks at room temperature for better marination

Never forget to turn sides and flip the steaks for even cooking.

Do not over crowd the basket with food.

Do not over turn the steel basket towards the outer container.

Using Ginny’s Air Fryer for Baking and Roasting

This is not just a replacement of your deep fryer, air fryer also serves in variety of ways like baking scrumptious doughnuts and a lot more desserts. You can also make roasted food in which you will not require any oil. In addition to this, you can also reheat your food in the air fryer.

Do’s and Don’ts

To keep the efficiency level of the appliances there are always some rules , regulations and procedures which should be followed.

  • Don’t over crowd the basket.
  • Let there be a gap to allow air flow in food.
  • Do have a look at your food while its cooking.
  • Don’t cover the bottom of the basket with any kind of foil or parchment paper.
  • Don’t drench your meal in oil bath.
  • Don’t put liquid batter in the basket as it will easily drip down in the
  • Don’t place the appliance on moist, damp or uneven surface


For a healthy life style Ginny’s air fryer is a smart choice. It keeps your counter top furnished with high tech and beautiful appliance which serves in cooking, heating, baking and frying. Its is a solution for smoke free cooking  along with no worries of high calories, high fat and high cholesterol food. Air fryers are a miraculous development of technology and science because before their invention having a crispy meal without deep frying in a pot full of oil was impossible.

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