How To Use An Instant Pot Air Fryer

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How To Use An Instant Pot Air Fryer Crisping Lid To It’s Fullest Potential

Have you been wondering how to use an instant pot air fryer, but struggling to find simple-to-follow info? If so, this post has got you covered. It’s time to open up infinite possibilities. The Instant Pot Air Fryer lid cooks and crisps your favorite foods with the press of just a few buttons to excess in both texture and taste.

How to Turn Your Instant Pot Into An Air Fryer?

Instant Pot has introduced a revolutionary lid that will do the conversion for you. If you are wondering why Instant Pot has decided to come up with this new lid and not other equipment, you must read this chapter to understand the logic and benefits behind its invention. The very first and most predictable answer is that millions of people have trusted Instant Pot for their everyday cooking. They are already using them to prepare healthy meals. Since they already own it, purchasing Air Fryer Lid would be a much convenient and economical investment than purchasing a new Air fryer or Microwave oven.

Also, even if someone invests in those separate appliances, what if they want to use multiple cooking functionalities (for instance, pressure cooking + air frying or pressure cooking + baking). A separate lid can be a handy tool to cook all types of recipes – including multiple cooking options – with the use of one appliance. However, this lid works with only Instant Pot 6-quart models.

Who Needs An Instant Pot Air Fryer  & What You Get When You Buy A Lid

This new lid will be a perfect purchase for you and your family if you need to prepared meals in smaller quantities (3-4 serving size per recipe), and you love air-fried/baked foods.

When you purchase the lid box, the whole set comprises of three things:

  1. Air Fryer Lid
  2. Air Fryer Basket
  3. Protective Pad

How To Use An Instant Pot Air Fryer

Now that you have gotten the air fryer, how do you use it? Let’s explore each part of your fryer and how to use them.

Air Frying Lid

The lid has 6 automatic (pre-programmed) settings:

  1. Air Fry (Default time 20 minutes/ default temperature 400°F)
  2. Bake (Default time 30 minutes/ default temperature 365°F)
  3. Roast (Default time 40 minutes/ default temperature 380°F)
  4. Broil (Default time 10 minutes/ default temperature 400°F)
  5. Dehydrate (Up to 6 hours/ default temperature 125°F)
  6. Reheat (Default time 15 minutes / default temperature 280°F)

The Air Fry Lid Plug

The lid has its own separate, yet unusual plug. The design of the plugs is broad and unconventional; such design is for added safety. The reason behind its unconventional design is that sometimes people forget to unplug the main Instant Pot, and in such a case, if you plug the Air Frying plug, then it creates the risk of electrical shock.  To avoid this broad design ensures that the plug won’t fit in there is already another plug. That is why you will be able to exclusively plug only the Air Fryer plug at a time.

Air Fryer Basket

The basket has two layers, which are sufficient to hold a large quantity of food. For example, it can easily hold 14-16 chicken wings.

Protective Pad

Also called “Resting Pad,”; you can safely place the lid on top of this pad after cooking to avoid any scratching or damage to it.

How To Ise Using An Instant Pot Air Frying Lid Along With Pressure Cooking

Here is a step-by-step approach to using the lid perfectly.

  1. First, prepare a pressure-cooked recipe as per recipe direction using specified cooking function and time.
  2. After pressure cooking is complete, unplug Instant Pot and either Quick Release pressure or Natural Release pressure.
  3. After all inside pressure has been released, unplug the Instant Pot cord, place Air Fryer Lid on top of the Instant Pot (It will easily fit on top). Place the lid over the stainless steel inner cooking pot. Air Fryer Lid comes with its own plug, so plug it in the power socket.
  4. Now select your choice of cooking function that is available directly over the lid (Air Fry, Bake, Broil, Dehydrate or Reheat). Use temperature adjustment arrows to set the cooking temperature and use timer arrows to set the desired cooking time.
  5. Now press “Start.”
  6. The lid has an advanced automatic feature that notifies the user to turn food in between. After half cooking time is over, the lid will signal “Turn Food” on its display. This is optional; if you wish to turn food, then open the lid and turn. If you do not wish to turn food, then just ignore the message, and after 10 seconds of waiting time, the lid will automatically continue cooking.
  7. After cooking time is over, the lid will display “End Cool.” Open the lid, take out food, and enjoy!

Top 2 Tips For Converting Your Favorite Recipes for The Air Fryer

As there are not too many recipes that are designed for air fryers, you must know how to convert conventional recipes so that you can cook them in your air fryer. Below are tips on how you convert recipes to air fryers.

Adjust the heat:

The heat produced by the air fryer is more intense compared to a conventional oven. If you are cooking using an air fryer, reduce the suggested temperature by 250F to 500F. For instance, if the food package calls for cooking in the oven for 4500F, you can cook for 4000F instead.

Adjust the time:

You can also cut the cooking time to 20% s instead of cooking for 10 minutes as indicated in conventional recipes, you can cook it in your air fryer for 8 minutes.

Bottom Line

Millions of people have placed their trust in the Instant Pot brand for their everyday cooking. They are already using their Instant Pot to prepare healthy meals. And though this is great for pressure cooking, it doesn’t do much for you if you like fried foods. That is why the Instant Pot Air Fryer lid is such a great tool to have! What’s even better is that it is easy to use, saves you space in your kitchen and tons of cash by eliminating another appliance. What more could you ask for?

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