Where Do You Put Oil in Power Air Fryer

Power Air Fryer is a popular brand that brings you a variety of models. The air fryer is popular amongst users because of its efficient performance. You will find a detailed guide with the air fryer that allows you to cook the food and perform the entire operation efficiently. Below, we will let you know where do you put oil in Power Air Fryer.

If you are confused about adding oil to the Power Air Fryer, then you have arrived in the right place. Below, we will discuss where to add oil, how much oil you should add, and when not to add the oil. Keep going through the article to find all the information in detail.

So, Where Do You Put Oil in Power Air Fryer?

If you are new in the world of the air fryer, then you may think that the air fryer requires oil like the deep fryer or the stovetop pans. But things are different when it comes to an air fryer. This appliance doesn’t require submerging food in a lot of oil like the deep fryers and related cooking methods. Instead, a few drops of oil are enough to cook the food efficiently. To be more specific, you don’t require adding oil to the pan of the air fryer.

Instead, you will require spraying a few drops of oil on the food. All you need to do is lightly coat the food with the cooking oil. There are several ways to add oil. You can use a sprayer bottle to spray oil on the food. Besides, you can also hand rub the oil to create a light coating if the spray bottle is unavailable. You may also utilize a brush for this purpose. The goal here is to coat all the ingredients with the cooking oil.

So, the takeout here is to add the oil to the food and not in the pan. The purpose of the air fryer pan is to collect oil and fat that fall from the food. As the oils and greases are collected, it becomes easier to clean the air fryer.

Is Oil Mandatory While Cooking in Air Fryer

You will be amazed to know that oil is not mandatory while cooking in the air fryer. The device utilizes hot air to cook the food. To be more specific, there are heating elements and fans inside the air fryer. They produce hot air and pass it through the food. This cooks the food quickly and efficiently. That means you can cook the food without oil. The oil is added while cooking the food to bring taste to your mouth.

The ability to cook without much of the oil is one of the main benefits of utilizing an air fryer. Due to less oil usage, your food comes out healthier compared to the other ways of cooking. That is because your food will contain less calorie and fat as you are cooking in the less oil. Moreover, some air fryers even include features like fat remover that meltdown the extra fat in the food, making them further healthier.

You also don’t need to be worried about the taste of the food due to usage of less oil. The food will be cooked through the hot air from every angle through the hot air. As a result, you will get the perfect texture and even cooking. That means the taste will be the same as cooking on the stovetops or ovens.

How Much Oil You Should Add?

Well, it depends on what you are cooking. Some foods may require a bit more oil while some others can be cooked without much of it. Mostly, it will depend on the quantity of the food. For an average serve size, you will require spraying one tablespoon of the oil. Note that you may spray a bit more or less based on your preference. It is recommended to uses as little oil as possible to keep the food healthy.

Make sure that you are shaking the food properly after spraying to create a coating on of the oil on them. There are different types of oil you can use for the spray. These include canola oil, avocado oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, soybean oil, sesame oil, peanut oil, etc. They are some of the healthiest. Some other oils you can use include coconut oil, vegetable oil, palm oil, butter, and corn oil.

Note that the cooking temperature should be around 350 F while cooking with most of these oils. They may begin burning at high temperatures. One oil you should not use while cooking the food in the air fryer is the pam oil. The pam oil along with the other aerosol cooking sprays include an ingredient known as soy lecithin. This can damage the non-stick property of the air fryer basket and pan.

When not to Add Oil While Cooking in Air Fryer

There are some foods that don’t require adding oil. These mostly include the packaged frozen foods or snacks. They typically arrive as precooked or par-cooked. That means they include some oil in the exterior. That is enough for cooking in the air fryer. So, if you are cooking frozen foods available commercially, you don’t need to add the oil.

The same thing goes for most varieties of meats. Meat already includes a lot of fats and that is enough for cooking them in the air fryer. Especially, if you are marinating them with various ingredients and oil, there is no need of adding the oil. If you are cooking without marinating, you may add a small amount of oil.


Power Air Fryer is a great addition to your kitchen. If you want a long-term performance from the product, you should take proper maintenance of it. As we said earlier, the air fryer doesn’t require much oil but adding a bit of the oil properly can take your food taste to the next level. We hope that the above information will solve all of your confusion on how much oil you should add while cooking.

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