How To Use Gowise Usa Air Fryer

How To Use Gowise Usa Air Fryer: Safety, Maintenance & Properly Crisping

Are you curious about how to operate a Gowise USA air fryer, the safety measures to follow once it’s in your possession, or the correct way to maintain it? If that’s the case, prepare to be amazed by this article. The Gowise USA Air Fryer stands out as an amazing kitchen gadget, proficient at executing various dry cooking techniques with just a simple button press. It enables you not just to fry, but also to bake, grill, dehydrate, and even broil, among other functions, all with minimal to no oil usage. In this discussion, we’ll explore essential tips to ensure you’re utilizing your Gowise USA air fryer in a safe and effective manner.

How To Use The Gowise Air Fryer Safely?

The Gowise air fryer is designed to be safe similar to other types of modern kitchen appliances available to date. Unlike conventional deep fryers, cooking with air fryers does not involve hot oil splattering all over the place. So, what makes air fryers safe? They come with safety features including a thermostat and lid to keep the hot air inside.

But aside from having safety features, below are some tips on air fryer safety.

Avoid touching the air fryer when cooking:

Although air fryers come with an insulated body, they can still get hot during the entire cooking time. Thus, avoid touching the air fryer when cooking. You can also use mitts or pot holders to touch in should you need to open the air fryer basket.

Avoid immersing the air fryer in water:

Water and electricity do not really mix well. Make sure that the wiring of the air fryer does not come into contact with water otherwise electric shocks can occur. If the air fryer has damaged its electrical wiring, make sure that you replace the damaged parts before using it.

Use the air fryer with supervision:

Always keep children and people with reduced physical and mental capabilities to use the air fryer alone.

Keep wires in place:

Do not let the wires dangle all over the place especially if you have kids and pets running around the kitchen.

Never place your air fryer on top of the burner:

Do not put the air fryer on top of a stove especially a burner with an open flame.

Make sure that the frying basket is locked in position:

Make sure that the air frying basket is locked in to place to avoid falling off when the air fryer is on.

Air fryers are generally safe and different models come with varying safety instructions. Make sure that you read the instruction manual for basic safety tips.

How To Clean Your Gowise USA Air Fryer

The air fryer needs regular cleaning after every use. This is to ensure that no grease will accumulate inside the air fryer that may eventually cause excessive smoking in the air fryer. To clean your air fryer, below are tips that you can follow:

Do not use an abrasive cleaning cloth when wiping the interior part of your air fryer basket:

The interior of the appliance has a non-stick coating. Do not use an abrasive material to clean them otherwise it will remove the non-stick coating. Use a damp kitchen towel instead. Use warm water and liquid detergent to remove the grease:  To remove the grease, use liquid detergent to remove the grease as grease cuts through fat and grime.

Pay attention to the heating element:

The heating element including the fan inside the air fryer is exposed to grime and dirt. Make sure that you pay extra attention by cleaning it with a brush.

Push the cord into the cord and store it inside the compartment:

Keeping the cord in place prevents it from getting loose and being damaged.

Put inside the dishwasher the washable parts:

Read the instruction manual to know which parts are washable.

How To Use Gowise Usa Air Fryer: Common Ingredients

Air frying should make meal prep easy. But it is still crucial to know what ingredients you can use to cook your food. Below are ingredients that you can use for your air fryer.


Flour such as all-purpose flour can be used for breading and cooking pastries and baked goodies.


Sugar is used to flavor desserts, sauces, and marinades. They are very versatile and considered a kitchen staple. Other sweeteners that you can use include honey, maple syrup, and many others.

Oils and fat:

Oils and fats can be used in making air fried foods. There are many fats and oils that you can use including butter, rapeseed oil, and coconut oil. Choose those that will match the recipe that you need.


Eggs are versatile ingredients that you can use to make a lot of air fried foods. You can use them for making casseroles, baked goods, and as an egg wash for many foods.


Foods are flavorful when they are made with spices. You have the option to use different spices when making your food. A wide array of spices can be used to cook food including garlic, black pepper, paprika, salt, mustard, and many others.


All types of meats can be cooked in an air fryer. Chicken, turkey, lamb, beef, pork, fish, and game meat can be used. However, when using your air fryer to cook meats, make sure that you slice the meat in portions that fit inside the air fryer and trim unnecessary fats to avoid burning your food.


Many vegetables can be cooked in an air fryer. Cook roasted vegetables such as potatoes, roasted potatoes, carrots, beans, asparagus, peas, and even kale in the air fryer.

The thing is that there are so many things that you can cook using your air fryer except for soups, sauces, chowder, pasta, and any foods coated with wet batter.

Final Thoughts

The Gowise USA Air Fryer is an incredible kitchen multi-cooker that allows you to carry out multiple dry cooking methods at the touch of a button. With the Gowise air fryer, you can fry, but also bake, grill, dehydrate and even broil to name a few. All with little or no oil. I hope that you got value from the tips discussed above today and that they gave you a clearer understanding of how to use your Gowise USA air fryer.

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