How Long Do You Cook Mini Corn Dogs In An Air Fryer

How Long Do You Cook Mini Corn Dogs In An Air Fryer To Maximize Its Flavor?

Once more, we find ourselves on the path to exploring the air fryer, this time focusing on mini corn dogs. If you’re new to my discussions on mini corn dogs, I encourage you to browse through my earlier entries on the topic. Today, we’ll delve into understanding the optimal duration for cooking mini corndogs in an air fryer.

There are many ways that your corndogs can be cooked. The most popular way to cook your corndogs is the deep fry them. Although this is not the healthiest method due to the high amount of oil that is needed to deep-fry your corn dogs. There is still a healthy option for you to use which is an air fryer. The air fryer will use less oil and it will turn out crispier than if you use a deep fryer.

You will learn more about the deep fryer and the mini corndogs.

This Is Not Possible

Everyone is always searching healthier lifestyle, whether it is to exercise or eat right. Not everyone is discipline to continuously eat a clean diet. Occasionally, you would like to indulge or better yet have a cheat day but you want it to be healthy.

If you live on a clean diet and you would like your cheat day meal to be mini corn that you would like to build from scratch will not be possible. At least, it will not be possible with an air fryer. Even though I say that some people might be able to put it off. I have not personally tried this for myself but I can imagine that it would be a messy process or it won’t be cooked properly in an air fryer.

Where Can I Buy Mini Corn Dogs?

Mini Corn dogs are available at your frozen food section, at most local grocery and variety stores. They are typically available in two sizes, the regular size (long) and mini.

Corn Dog Size: Normal

When you think of a carnival, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the ride, the people, prizes or is it the food? I always think about the food. Since we’re talking about corndogs, what better way to bring in the segments. Normal size corndogs are normally at carnivals. It can also be bought at the supermarket frozen as well.

Corn Dog: Mini

As the name suggested, this is the smallest corn dog. The mini corndogs will not come with a stick, it will cook quicker. You can cook the mini corndogs any way you can think of and it will still be quick. If that is the case, what do you think the air fryer is going to do?

How To Cook A Corn Dog Using An Air Fryer: Step By Step

Before you start cooking, you will need to check if the regular size corn dogs will fit in the air fryer basket. Most air fryer brands will not be the same size, so check with your owner’s manual.

How Much Space Do You Have?

You want to be sure that there is still space left in the air fryer basket after you add your corn dogs. This is to ensure that you:

  • The corn dog can cook through properly
  • And that there is enough room to flip or shake the food in the fryer basket while cooking.

How Long Do You Preheat An Air Fryer

The first stage of cooking with an air fryer is preheating. It is vital to note that not all air fryers will require you to preheat. So, ensure that you read your manufacturer’s manual to figure out if preheating is necessary for your fryer model. There will also be some recipes that suggest you preheat. In these cases, simply set the air fryer temperature required then allow the fryer to run like this, before you put the food in, so it can come to temperature. When you start your food in a preheated air fryer, you tend to achieve a crisper finish quicker.

Batch Cooking Is Your Friend

If you need to air fry large portions of food in one session, consider cooking in batches. Don’t worry about the extra time, it’s a hidden truth that when you cook in batches, the second batch generally gets crispy quicker as they will be starting in a preheated fryer. So, the time will be over sooner than you think.

Summary on Cooking Corn dog in an air fryer

What you must do is add the corn dog into the basket, set both the temperature and timer. The cool thing about this recipe is the fact that there is no preparation. You just open your freezer, take out the corn dog, cook it for 9-10 minutes and eat!

How to Cook Mini Corn Dogs In An Air Fryer

Now that you understand a bit more about why you should try corn dogs, let’s explore how to air fry mini corn dogs. The steps for air frying mini and regular corn dogs are, for the most part, the same. Determine how many corn dogs you will be preparing then transfer them to your air fryer basket.  Remember try not to overcrowd your basket. Instead aim to get them in a single layer with space to shake or flip.  when you’re placing them in the basket. Set the air fryer to 390 degrees F.

How Long Do You Cook Mini Corn Dogs In An Air Fryer

Your regular corn dogs generally take about 10 minutes to so to crisp beautifully. While your mini corn dogs will get to this stage in about 5 minutes. You may need to adjust your cooking time for the corn dog depending on your preference. Experiment with the times until you achieve your desired level of crispiness.

Final Thoughts

I hoped you were able to learn something new about your air fryer in this post, and its ability to provide you with delicious corn dogs.


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