What does e1 mean on my Air Fryer?

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What does e1 mean on my Air Fryer?

In today’s world, using electrical kitchen appliances has become a significant part of our lives. Without these appliances, we can hardly think how the world would be. From having juices to roasted chicken, everything is being done in electrical appliances. However, there is always a chance of running into technical problems when we have machines, which isn’t very pleasant. As at that moment, we don’t know what to do. These issues may occur either because of our doings or sometimes because of the machinery. The same issue often occurs in air fryers too. When the air fryer malfunction, they usually show two errors E1 and E2. For those who don’t know what is an air fryer let’s get a quick review for them first. (Check out our new article on the Largest Air Fryer made)

What is an Air Fryer?

An air fryer is a modern countertop kitchen appliance that works just like a traditional oven. You can bake and roasts your most loved fried items in an air fryer. With the help of the fan in its top section, it revolves hot air very quickly around the food, making it tender and crispier at the same time, with less oil. (Read more about our Farberware Air Fryer)

Why using an Air Fryer is best for you?

There are two main reasons for this;

  • Air fryer saves your time:

Air fryers save you time by providing you food in just 10-15 minutes.

  • Air fryers use less oil:

Air fryers are designed so that you are not required to use a lot of oil. Instead, just a spray of oil is enough.

Now coming back to our main problem;

What is e1 or Error One Code?

E1 code on an air fryer often means open sensor circuit and usually indicates that the air fryer has stopped working and has run into temporary or permanent internal issues. Generally, it happens if the air fryer cannot detect either the bucket, pan, or tray.

Don’t get panic; try to do these steps first;

  1. Plugin the Power Cord correctly:

Make sure the power cable is inserted correctly. If not, try to push it firmly.

  1. Check the Circuit:

Try to see if the circuit is working correctly by connecting different


  1. Check Connection Wire:

Make sure your connection cord is not damaged, and if it is, get it repaired soon.

  1. The Air Fryer has Broken Down: 

It is most likely that if your air fryer is not turning on, it has malfunctioned.

Still, if you see the E1 code on your air fryer, there may be a different reason for that.

It is also observed that different air fryers have different meanings of the E1 code. So let’s find out the reason for e1 if you own any of the below-mentioned air fryers.

What does e1 code indicate on different Air Fryers, and how to resolve it?

Power Air Fryer (E1 Code)

In the power air fryer, the E1 code indicates a broken circuit of the thermal sensor. Immediately call the brand’s customer service to resolve the issue.

Nuwave Brio Air Fryer (E1 Code)

E1 code in Nuwave Brio Air fryer means that the sensor is open-ended. Therefore, to solve the issue immediately, call the respective customer service department.

GoWise Air Fryer (E1 Code)

In GoWise air fryer, this code indicates sensor open-ended. Call customer service as soon as is error displays on your air fryer and get it resolved.

Gourmia Air Fryers (E1 Code)

In Gourmia air fryers E1 code represents that there is no pan, or maybe the pan is not appropriate. To resolve the issue, check whether the pan or try is suitable or not or switch on the appliance after letting it cool naturally.

Cook’s Essential Air Fryer (E1 Code)

In Cook’s essential air fryer, this error code E1 refers to the broken circuit of the sensor. Try to unplug it and restart again to solve the issue.

Master Culinary Air Fryer (E1 Code)

In Master culinary air fryer E1 code indicates a system malfunction. Call customer service immediately to solve it.

As you have read, the meaning of the E1 code varies for different brands. Some air fryers indicate the e1 code by a flash too.

Tips on How to Avoid e1 Code and to Take Care of an Air Fryer:

Well, owning an air fryer is not a big deal but taking care of it is. Here are some essential tips which you can follow to avoid e1 errors in the future

Do not overcrowd the basket:

Make sure not to overcrowd the fryer basket because if you do so, it will touch the heating fan, which will result in an e1 code or malfunctioning of your appliance.

Do not forget your Air Fryer while it’s Still turned on:

It is a widespread habit of human beings to forget their food while it is still cooking. Therefore, it is essential to check on your air fryer during cooking and when you are not. In addition, make sure your fryer is turned off after cooking.

Clean your Air Fryer:

Cleaning your air fryer is a must after every use. Start doing it today if you don’t have a habit of cleaning your air fryer because the oil and food build up very quickly on the air fryer’s basket. And it is quite a hell of a task to remove it. Also, it is very unhygienic for you and your loved ones.

To clean your air fryer, try to follow these steps;

  1. Remove the plug from the socket
  2. Allow your air fryer some time to cool.
  3. Take out the pans or basket
  4. Wash the removable pieces with mild soap.
  5. With a soft cloth, wipe out the exterior and interior of the air fryer.
  6. Put the air fryer upside down.
  7. With a slightly wet cloth, clean the heating component.
  8. Make sure to pat dry all the parts before assembling them back.

Bottom line:

Air fryer with its invention has made our lives healthier. However, there is often a minor hurdle in our way, which here I mean is the e1 code. Our job here is to avoid making mistakes from our end, and if still e1 code appears on your air fryer, contact your particular brand’s customer services as soon as possible.